12 methods to smoke marijuana with out rolling a joint

For many of us, smoking marijuana is synonymous with rolling joints. Many of us don’t really know what other alternatives are than a joint.

You may also find situations where smoking papers for joints are not available, so you can purchase alternatives that are both convenient and enjoyable for you. Do these alternatives have the same effect as rolling joints?

There are a variety of alternatives to rolling joints. Also, some of them are more convenient to use and popular options too. Let’s learn more about these options.


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Bongs are a more convenient and user-friendly option for smoking cannabis. It can get you high quick. The only thing you need is water. This is also the only negative; The water may leak from the bong or be unavailable.

Bongs come from a variety of materials such as glass, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, and the most popular, bamboo. Bongs also differ in design. These include percolator bongs, carburetor bongs, gravity bongs, straight pipe bongs, multi-chamber bongs and much more.


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Pipes are the most basic tool for marijuana lovers. It’s more stylish, trending, and cheaper than other options. These options are easy to use and carry. Pipes can be of different sizes and shapes. That being said, such pipes are made of various materials such as glass, wood, clay, and even metal.

It’s pretty easy to use pipes. Just grind the cannabis and cover the small hole on your pipe with your thumb or forefinger. Now use a lighter to pull the flame over your weeds. Take a breath and relax.

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Some people make mistakes in positioning the lighter while smoking. You’ll need to place the lighter over the bowl until the weeds can light up on their own. The other big mistake is breathing out with your mouth on the pipe. This can blow weeds out of the bowl. This is a complete waste of marijuana.

In this day and age, glass pipes are becoming increasingly popular. That’s because they’re clear and don’t get as hot as metal pipes. Glass pipes also hit really clean and there is no difference in cannabis taste. Although they are expensive and can break apart, you can find more diverse and cool designs in glass pipes.

Polka dot rings

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This is for extremely potent marijuana extracts. You can try budder, honeycomb, or sliver-like extracts with polka dots. It concentrates extracts using the evaporation method. Because of the extreme potency, dab rings can take your high to a whole new level.

Swab rings don’t need lighters; Instead, blowtorches are great for swab rings. Because swab rings exclude burns, it’s much healthier than other methods. You’ll also find that the vapor is cleaner than regular cannabis smoke.


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A bubbler is a kind of mixture between a bong and a pipe. The device is small and easy to use – just like a pipe. Also, it can get you high quickly, much like bongs. Most bubblers are made of glass. Bubblers have round chambers either on the sides or on the bottom.

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Bubblers are also unique in that they have a chamber that holds water. The smoke generated by weed flows through this chamber and cools down a bit, giving the user a fresh taste of marijuana. But bubblers also have variants. The most common types are hammer bubblers, pendulum bubblers, double bubblers, and sherlock bubblers.

Gravity bongs

A gravity or water bong is a very popular way to smoke cannabis at home. It’s pretty easy once you know the techniques. All you need are some simple, accessible materials for it. Let’s find out how to try this at home.

  1. Use a box cutter to cut a plastic bottle in half.
  2. Now wrap the mouth hole with aluminum foil so that it is shaped like a bowl.
  3. Put 3 to 4 holes in the aluminum to allow airflow.
  4. Now fill a container with water and place the bottle in this container. Place it so that the mouthpieces stay above the waterline.
  5. Put weeds on the slide. Now light things up.
  6. Make sure you pull the bottle up a little while you light it. This will quickly fill the smoke.
  7. Lastly, slide the bottle back into the water. This will push the smoke up and you will be ready for marijuana smoke.

Corn husks

Corn husks are a very popular alternative to roll paper. Corn husks are natural and many people choose this as a healthier option. In fact, people in Jamaica and Latin America prefer this as their first option. Before smoking, make sure the bowl you plan to use is dry and clean. Corn husks also provide a natural taste from cannabis smoke.

Corn husks are natural fibers with regular stripes. These hold marijuana extracts more firmly on the surface. Experts believe that with corn husks, it is better to smoke slowly to indulge in more marijuana flavors.

Beverage can

Here's what you should know about canned CBD beveragesPhoto by George Hodan via publicdomainpictures

This is another easy way to smoke weed. Convert the beverage can into a complete smoking device. Make some holes in the crease and a crab on the other side. Add some ground marijuana and set it on fire. You can now inhale the weeds through a mouthpiece.

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While soda can be a great smoking device, there are some health risks to consider. The aluminum of its can may not be safe as aluminum foil. In addition, beverage cans have inks painted on their surface. When you heat weeds on a soda can, these inks melt and can release chemicals into your weeds.

Otherwise, some people smoke straight out of the soda can. Soda can contain residual caffeine and sugar molecules. This allows you to exceed your expectations. So try soda cans sparingly, but not as a normal method.


How to smoke marijuana without rolling a jointPhoto by Suzy Hazelwood via Pexels

This is probably the simplest of all the ways that fruit can help you consume cannabis.

  1. Insert a pen or screwdriver into the apple to create a tunnel from the top and side of an apple. Make sure the tunnels are connected to each other.
  2. Line the apple with aluminum foil and insert aluminum foil into the holes.
  3. Put the weeds on aluminum foil and start lighting them.
  4. Now inhale the smoke from the side hole.

You can try a similar process with fruits like guava, avocado, pear, or with dragon fruits. There is a lot to experiment with. But don’t try juicy fruits, which can spoil a lot more of your marijuana extract.

Hot knives

This is a centuries-old method of smoking. The method is a simple and effective way to quickly inhale cannabis smoke. To do this, you will need two knives and a stove or a candle. Heat the knives over medium heat, being careful not to burn your palms near handles.

After a few minutes of heating, place a piece of bud or some cannabis extract on one and squeeze it between two knives. This creates smoke quickly and all you have to do is inhale.

Rose blunts

While it is not a popular method, many people choose this as an alternative. Take three rose petals and heat them in a pan for ten seconds. After heating, lick the petals and add ground weed to make yours dull.

If necessary, you can heat for an additional ten seconds in the oven for better rose bluntness. Do not overheat the petals or they may dry out crispy. This can lead to problems when rolling. Make sure the petals have some moisture after they are heated so that they roll the best dull rose.


How to smoke marijuana without rolling a jointPhoto by Awesome Sauce Creative via Unsplash

This is a popular smoking device in the Middle East and parts of the Indian subcontinent. Hookahs are also an elite form of weed smoking. Smoking cannabis from a shisha pipe may sound complicated, but in reality it is a lot easier.

To get started you will need coal, aluminum foil, tongs, water and of course the shisha pipe. You can also add hookah of different flavors to make it tastier. You can mix the weed with tobacco or shisha and put it on the bottom of the flask. Make sure you put the cannabis on top so that it dries out quickly when you smoke it.

Hookahs have a larger bowl, making them an ideal option for group smoking. Other than that, it has the lowest risk of tooth discoloration and you will get the fresh smell of cannabis leaves.

Plastic lung

The plastic lung resembles the same airflow functionality as bongs. It’s also a process to get you extremely high. To make a plastic lung you will need aluminum foil, scissors, duct tape, and a 2 liter bottle. Let’s find out how to do it in simple steps.

First, cut the container in half. Now tape a plastic bag to the bottom half of this container.

Second, wrap aluminum foil around the mouthpiece so that it forms a bowl shape.

Third, poke some holes in aluminum foil before placing marijuana on top.

Finally, light the weeds and pull on the bag to create suction. Lift off the foil as soon as the bag is full. You can breathe in now.

Final verdict

There are several ways to get up with marijuana. Rolling a joint isn’t the only option. In fact, you should try different methods to keep things interesting.

This article originally appeared in the Green Market Report and was republished with permission.

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