15 p.c THC restrict proposed for medicinal and leisure hashish in Colorado

A draft bill has leaked and is already causing controversy in Colorado as a specific provision has been included: a 15 percent THC limit for both medicinal and recreational cannabis products.

In addition to setting strict limits on THC, the bill would create a medical cannabis monitoring program and enable data collection to track the effects of highly potent THC products. Keep in mind-No other state with an established cannabis program sets limits on THCExcept for states that only allow limited low-THC products. However, some other attempts to limit THC are underway in other states.

Representative Yadira Caraveo from Thornton, Colorado sponsored the bill. As a pediatrician, Caraveo said she saw the negative effects of “high potency THC products” and found that it can lead to addiction problems or psychological problems. “I have had many parents and educators reach out to me and talk about these highly effective products and how they are being used more widely in children, sometimes leading to episodes of psychosis, long-term mental health problems, and other medical issues,” Representative Caraveo told KOAA News5.

Representative Caraveo said she wanted the bill to apply to both medicinal and recreational cannabis because of alleged “looping” taking place.

Representative Caraveo said the idea is to stop the loop by inflating surveillance systems. What people do, said the agent, is “get a lot of these products and then sell them. And so they mostly come to our high schools, ”said representative Caraveo.

Caraveo added that she is aware that most popular cannabis products are already above the 15 percent THC threshold, but she is not deterred. According to lawmakers, this issue has been bubbling around government for about a year, but lawmakers are waiting for a report from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on THC concentrates. In addition, she cited Vermont’s maximum potency limit for concentrates of 60 percent and similar laws developed in Washington.

Similar efforts are being made in Florida to limit medical cannabis to 10 percent THC in that state. Click here read the latest draft law, which is still being revised.

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