26,000 hashish convictions decreased in San Diego County, California

Thousands of residents of San Diego County, California have been rewarded with reduced cannabis convictions that have been reduced from crime to misdemeanor San Diego Union-Tribune reported. In addition, around 1,000 people with offense-level cannabis convictions have been fortunate to have their cases dismissed outright.

The cuts and layoffs were detailed in a tripartite order signed on February 5th by San Diego Supreme Court Justice Eugenia Eyherabide, but until July 1st last year local courts were delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic ” according to The Associated Press Reports.

The San Diego District Attorney’s Office filed a list of cases last year that may be exonerated under a Proposition 64-related law, which required the prosecution to find appropriate cases and submit them to the local Supreme Court. District Attorney Sommer Stephan abided by the law and filed a list of cases in February 2020 just before the coronavirus pandemic hit and crippled most activity.

Those responsible said that although the penalties have already been reduced, it may take a while for the changes to become visible in individual court proceedings, for example when they are accessed online.

Additionally, San Diego County regulators voted 4-1 on March 3 to seek more public feedback before approving policies that would promote economic access and social justice in the cannabis industry in unincorporated communities.

“We need to slow this down so we can get it right,” said Nathan Fletcher, chairman of the board of directors of San Diego County told Fox 5. “The goal is to create a sustainable plan that enables economic access and the core principles of equity in this new industry,” Fletcher later said. “I was happy to support the staff’s assessment that more time and resources are being devoted to this process.”

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