5 hacks to make your hashish last more

It doesn’t feel good to reach for your supply of weeds only to find that there is very little left. How does it go so fast?

Regular marijuana users burn their cannabis quickly, even if they don’t smoke a lot. If you are, it might be a good idea to speed yourself up. Fear not, there are ways to spread your cannabis without feeling like you are using less.

Here are 5 hacks that will help your cannabis last longer:

Mill with kief catcher

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While a kief catcher won’t save you a lot of weed, it can add some dimension to your smoking and provide you with something that you don’t normally use. Kiefs are the tiny, sticky crystals that cover the cannabis flower and are usually potent. Kief is strong and can be used to cover a bowl or joint, making the high much stronger, which in turn helps the joint or bowl to last longer. New to Kief? Here’s an introduction to how to use it.


Here are the basics about vape pensPhoto by Antwon McMullen / Getty Images

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Instead of waking up and baking or sitting down at the end of the day and putting your anxiety off, microdosing can help you get better results while spreading your weeds. If you microdose with glassware, your results will be even better, helping you better understand how much weed you are consuming and going through.

Buy in bulk

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As with most purchases, the bigger the order, the more you save. Of course, knowing how much you are buying is very important so that we don’t get stale. Before buying in bulk, keep track of how much cannabis you are spending and how long it takes to consume it. Once you have these numbers on hand, go to your favorite pharmacy and buy what you need. And to make sure none of these weeds are wasted, there are 8 ways to properly store marijuana for freshness.

Make or buy food

What food to use when you don't feel like baking for hoursPhoto by Joyful via Unsplash

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While food production is a weed-rich project, it can actually save some money depending on the way you consume it. Edible highs can last longer than three hours, which is reportedly longer than the highs one can get from smoking.

Smoking solo

How to smoke marijuana without rolling a jointPhoto by Grav via Unsplash

Another tip that is particularly helpful during a pandemic is to smoke solo. While smoking weed with friends is fun, it is very easy to lose track of how much you are consuming and how much money you are spending. The best way to save some weed and money is to understand how much you smoke, try to spread it out as much as possible while you are still having fun, and shop accordingly.

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