5 methods marijuana may also help conjure up real love

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It’s not for everyone, but weeds can benefit your romances

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Sam Jones • • The fresh toast

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February 04, 2020 • • 4th February 2020 • • Read for 2 minutes We are here to explain how to enjoy cannabis as a couple. We are here to explain how to enjoy cannabis as a couple. Photo by jacoblund / iStock / Getty Images Plus

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As with all intoxicating substances, cannabis can be difficult in a committed relationship. If one of you is a consumer and the other is not, it is crucial to have the conversation ahead of time. It is not essential that you both enjoy the herb, but it is a clear understanding of it.

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I know of some marriages and long-term relationships where only one works together. But when there is tension in the relationship, you have to make a decision. And when weeds defeat your lover, it may require a little introspection. We are not here to judge. We are here to explain how to enjoy cannabis as a couple.

Here are five things to know:

Less domestic violence

A 2104 study found that frequent use of marijuana by couples was linked to fewer cases of intimate partner violence.

According to the report published by the American Psychological Association, “Increased marijuana use generally predicted less frequent IPV [intimate partner violence] for men and women in the first 9 years of marriage. “The study found a lower risk of intimate partner violence when both spouses consume regularly.

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The World Health Organization reports that “alcohol consumption, especially at harmful and dangerous levels, is a major contributor to the incidence of intimate partner violence.”

Get rid of this stress and fear

Often times, intimacy is destroyed by external thoughts. Everyday stress and fear impair the enjoyment of simple pleasures. Like sex with your partner.

A 2014 study by Vanderbilt University first discovered that cannabinoid receptors can be found in the central core of the amygdala, an important emotional center in the brain that is involved in regulating anxiety.

The discovery could explain why cannabis users are less afraid, said Dr. Sachin Patel, the study’s lead author.

So take a token or two and let the stress out of your mind.

Talk therapy

Now that the stress is gone, talk. Marijuana provides a more affordable environment for many users to chat with. Sure, the conversations can lead to silly jokes. But laughter is good. Relaxation is good. With hope, it will lead to a more fulfilling love life.

Lotions and lubricants

Yes, there are cannabis products – lubricants, lotions, sprays, suppositories – that definitely increase the pleasure of making love.

The vagina has cannabinoid receptors that receive THC as it is absorbed through the membranes. THC increases blood flow and makes the vagina more sensitive to touch.

And yes, most lubrication products work well anally.

Turn on and turn off your brain

Sometimes sex is best when you just turn off your brain and enjoy the physical sensations. Cannabis can help.

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