A information for Canadians seeking to strive hashish this Valentine’s Day

Wondering what to buy? “Flowers, duh!” says Budtender Katie Lake … but with a pot twist.

“In high school, my nickname was Miss Bakes. I think what they say is true; old habits die hard, ”says Katie Lake, who currently works as a budget tenderer at Shop Cori, a Toronto cannabis store.

“Originally, working in the cannabis industry was supposed to be a passing gig,” said an email from Lake. The transition came when their business took a hit during the pandemic. But over time, “I’ve been intrigued by learning all about cannabinoids, their wellness-oriented use, the business of the producers we run, the strains they grow, the products they make, the cannabis brands they are aware of, and all relevant information that I could access. “

– Read the entire article at Regina Leader-Post.

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