A information for Canadians seeking to strive hashish this Valentine’s Day

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For Lake, the most rewarding part of the job has been sharing her research and anecdotal experiences to help clients make informed decisions. In today’s column, she wants to do the same for those who want to use cannabis to make the day extra special.

Which pot products are still bestsellers on Valentine’s Day?

Flowers, duh! A classic Valentine’s Day tradition with a little personal touch.

One gift that you might want to consider for your wife is Wink’s’ MMMOSA ‘, and one gift that you might want to consider for you is The Organic Sugar Bush’ or ‘Equinox’ by The Good Organic Dutchman (TGOD) . Partners always view accessories for special occasions as a gift option for their significant other. With the increase in wellness consumption, vaping dry herbs is becoming more common. The Pax ‘3 Complete’ is always a bestseller on Valentine’s Day.

What kind of products are ideal for beginners to try as a couple?

We all know the famous “start low and go slow” slogan, but for those new to experimenting with THC products this reminder is so important.

Dosist’s “Bliss” is a 9: 1 THC to CBD disposable pen that I would be quick to recommend. Disposable vaporizers are child’s play; literally activated at the push of a button. Cannabis vaping is a great introduction for anyone new to the scene.

When it comes to food, licensed manufacturers are increasingly hiring world-renowned chocolatiers to make their products. Bernard Callebaut, the icon of Canadian master chocolate, has teamed up with the good folks at Legend. Out of all the products I’ve tried, raspberry milk chocolate is my favorite.

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