A information to celebrating Valentine’s Day with hashish

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What Kind of Weed Products are a hit with couples?

Soft gels and flowers are a huge hit!

A soft gel allows you and your partner to slowly and calmly get into your high. Rolling up a hinge or packing a bowl, on the other hand, allows for some element in common with your partner so that you know you are experiencing it all together.

With both formats, especially for new users, Tweed Penelope and Tweed Argyle are some popular options. For experienced users, we find customers love DNA Lemon Skunk for more elevation and Tokyo Smoke Break for a more relaxed experience.

Callie Mclaughlin is Shop Lead at Tokyo Smoke and supports the community events team for all Tweed and Tokyo Smoke stores in Manitoba.

What products are must-have items when looking to make a Canadian gift basket?

Number one on my recommendation list is cannabis Bath bombs! This is a great article to use on your own or share with a partner – for new users and seasoned ones! I love the Eve & Co. Dreamer Bath Bomb that is currently available in Ontario stores through Click and Collect. Here you can browse your local store’s online menu.

The second choice is Blow! Skip the hangover and pour some cannabis drinks into a champagne flute! My favorites are houseplant grapefruit with 2.5 mg THC and quatreau cucumber and mint sparkling water with 20 mg CBD.

Number three and four: Sweets and chocolates! If you don’t get a sweet treat, is it even Valentine’s Day? Some of my favorites are the Olli Brands Dragon Fruit Chew and the Tokyo Smoke Go chocolates or the Tweed Bakerstreet and Peppermint chocolates.

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