A person illegally rising weeds on leased farmland was caught after the landowner utilized for a tax break

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“The application was denied after a peripheral inspection of the property by the municipal tax officer found it was not being used for agricultural or agricultural purposes,” the prosecutor said. The landowner appealed, however, and initiated a subsequent, more detailed on-site inspection that ultimately revealed the illegal cultivation.

“We appreciate the tax officer who lives up to the important motto, ‘When you see something, say something,” said Burlington County Attorney Scott Coffina in the statement. “His information led directly to the ban on this significant illegal drug operation,” says Coffina.

Weiming Liu faces a first-degree charge of producing 11.3 kilograms or more of marijuana and a third-degree charge of possessing a controlled dangerous substance. Liu was taken into custody after a vehicle was stopped last week and has since been released, the prosecutor reported.

During the US election last November, New Jersey residents voted to legalize adult cannabis. However, achieving legalization has so far been delayed by a number of starts and stops and has not yet been enshrined in law.

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal announced in November that all prosecutors, district attorneys, and district attorneys should adjourn until January 25, 2021 any case by adolescent or adult that concerns only low-level cannabis-related offenses.

Prosecutors have been instructed “at their discretion, either to postpone the case entirely or, without prejudice to the marijuana possession charges, move (s) to dismiss and prosecute the remaining charges”.

Currently, possession of more than 50 grams of cannabis in New Jersey could result in a prison sentence of up to 18 months, a fine of $ 25,000 ($ 32,000), or both, the criminal defense attorney said.

It’s still illegal in neighboring New York, where the defendant was derived from recreational cannabis, despite Governor Andrew Cuomo trying again to legalize the plant for adult use.

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