Alabama: Legislators ship medical marijuana invoice to governor’s desk

Members of the Alabama House and Senate approved the law, Senate Bill 46, which would allow qualified patients, with the recommendation of a doctor, regulated access to medicinal cannabis.

Members of the House of Representatives approved the bill by 68 votes to 34, and then the Senate approved 29 votes to 9. The measure was passed by the Senate last month. The bill will now be sent to Republican Governor Kay Ivey’s desk.

SB 46 would allow registered patients to purchase and own up to “70 daily doses” of medical marijuana at a time, with each dose not exceeding 50 milligrams. Patients would not be allowed to smoke, vape, or access sweets or baked goods, but instead, formulations such as lozenges, oils, and capsules would be available to patients.

The measure also includes a nine percent tax on medical marijuana sales. Business license applications will be available this fall.

The Alabama Senate passed a similar law on access to medical cannabis in 2020, but the legislation never developed further in the House of Representatives.

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