Anti-cannabis group in Montana urges Invoice to delay leisure hashish

An organization dedicated to preventing the advancement of cannabis legislation, Safe Montana, joined Rep. Bill Mercer after introducing bill that would delay the introduction of voter-approved cannabis in the state.

In November 2020, Montana voters agreed Initiative 190– by a large margin – legalization of recreational cannabis for adults aged 21 and over. The bill specifically states that recreational cannabis can be sold in the state from January 2022. However, opponents of the bill say that voters have been misled about where the tax revenue will be distributed. They also fear the administration will take longer to expand – 35 investigators, 21 license approvers, and at least another 20 employees, according to Treasury Department estimates.

Mercer, a Republican, introduced House Bill 457 to delay recreational cannabis sales for a year. “It’s a timeframe for implementation that doesn’t make sense,” said Mercer told MTN News on February 20th. “I wonder if voters, when they adopted this initiative, had an idea of ​​adding 100 people to the state bureaucracy within nine months.”

“Bill Mercer has put together a bill that will be published here this week to postpone marijuana implementation until January 2023,” said Steve Zabawa, founder of Safe Montana told KGVO news. “The idea is that the governor and the state get it right, number one, but more importantly, allow our lawsuit that we have at stake right now.”

Zabawa claims that people did not fully understand the bill and that tax revenue is being allocated to unusual or unnecessary places. “We found in our recent poll that 57 percent of the vote was that one in four respondents said if they knew exactly what would happen after they never voted yes,” he said. “What they’re upset about is number one; There was $ 5 million in dark money from Washington, DC. “

I-190 is also being challenged by a lawsuit in the State District Court in Helena. A similar pattern can be seen in the state of South Dakota, as attempted by Governor Kristi Noem Challenge the state-approved recreational cannabis bill There.

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