ARCannabis is internet hosting Vancouver’s first ever digital hashish cup

Who is the largest licensed producer on the market? That’s the question retailer ARCannabis wants to answer.

To this end, they started their first virtual cannabis cup called “ARCannabis Cup”. In this competition, they enable us consumers to vote for our favorite producers in the leisure market. We spoke to the hosts of the ARCannabis Cup, Aaron and Matt, who told us what makes their tournament so unique and how we can all participate as judges.

A modern approach to the Cannabis Cup

Typically, Cannabis Cups are large local events where different producers offer samples of their best flowers, which are judged by different judges to determine who is the best breeder.

The ARCannabis Cup is different in that it is not a local event and the judges do not rate or vote for individual cannabis flowers. Instead, the ARCannabis Cup takes a look at the bigger picture and wants to know who the most popular producer overall is.

In this cup, not only the quality of the flowers, but also the reputation of the manufacturer in terms of marketing, price and customer satisfaction influence the votes. The voters are not a few selected judges, but many experts on recreational cannabis, namely us, the consumers.

“All of the various licensed producers claim they produce the best quality flowers. So we wanted to know who our customers think are the best of them.”

said Aaron, ARCannabis Chief Operations Officer and host of the ARCannabis Cup.

In addition to letting their customers vote for their favorite products, ARCannabis does a fantastic job of hosting a one-of-a-kind review show that will be posted on their Instagram every Monday.

On the show, Aaron and Matt review last week’s games, interview their staff about the competition, and announce the pairings for the next round. They also feature hype videos from various producers to get even more engagement in their cup.

(Matt and Aaron, the hosts of the ARCannabis Cup / Instagram)

And the hype seems to be working. Many producers keep posting the ARCannabis Cup on their social networks and asking their followers to vote for it. But just promoting their brand on Instagram is not enough to make it through to the finals.

“We want to see who really gets the customers’ love and appreciation. The bigger companies may have a lot of great marketing, but we’ve seen a lot of the smaller producers get more votes than the big ones. ”

explained Aaron.

With the ARCannabis Cup, the ARCannabis team has created a very innovative method to start a cannabis competition that causes a lot of excitement not only among the voters, but also among the licensed producers. Now that you know what all the hype is about, let’s take a look at how the contest works and how you can get into it.

The virtual cannabis cup

The ARCannabis Cup started on March 1st and featured 96 licensed producers who were on ARCannabis shelves last year. To determine the champion of the Cannabis Cup, they use a bracket tournament system in which each producer competes against another producer until there is only one left.

(The bracket tournament system of the ARCannabis Cup / ARCannabis)

The winner of the cup will be crowned the first ARCannabis Cup champion and will benefit from the highlighted marketing in the ARCannabis branches, including:

  • A popup at every ARCannabis location on April 20th.
  • Posters permanently on display in each of their stores to pay tribute to the winning brand for 2021.
  • The 2021 Cannabis Cup logo on the winning brand’s price tags.
  • Have the name engraved on the ARCannabis Cup.
  • Boastful rights as the first ever ARCannabis Cup champion

At the moment the cup has just entered the second round and there are three more rounds until the final on April 19th.

The competition is handled exclusively via the AR Instagram account. So if you want to enter and vote for your favorite producers, all you have to do is go to their Instagram, open their story and vote for one of the producers in the day’s matchup.

There are two matchups per day that are always active for 24 hours. The winners of the game will then be published on AR’s Instagram story.

(Consumers could vote for either Ignite or Good Buds on March 22 / Instagram)

“The games are often very close. We’ve seen competitions where someone won at the last minute only two percent more votes than your competitor ”

said Matt, Regional and Marketing Manager for ARCannabis and second host of the ARCannabisCup.

It is not a problem if you have not competed in the trophy from the start. You can easily keep track of past games and learn about the next ones by checking out the recap on AR’s Instagram.

Here’s a quick round-up to get you ahead of the game.

Upcoming games

Of the original 96 licensed manufacturers, only 48 are left.
The upcoming pairings up to the third round of the cup are:

  • 25th March: Royal City versus UP 20 | Canaca versus Tenzo
  • 26th of March: Northern Harvest v Haven St | Trailblazer against Marley Natural
  • 27th of March: Top Leaf versus Gnomestar | 48. North versus Kolab project
  • 28th March: Wildlife vs Boaz | 7 Acres vs Journey
  • March 29th: Royal High against Color Cannabis | Tantalus versus Doja
  • March 30: Broken Coast vs. MTL Cannabis | Hightide against Blkmkt
  • March 31: Weed Me vs Grasslands | Jonny Chronic versus Poolboy
  • April 1st: Pure Sunfarms vs. Benchmark Botanics | Sundial vs Simply Bare
  • 2nd of April: Liiv versus Redecan | Greenade against bay
  • 3rd of April: Qwest vs Palmetto | Greybeard vs. Natural History
  • 4. April: Ness vs Ignite | Greenseal versus Flint & Embers
  • April 5th: To be announced

The ARCannabis Cup is an excellent innovative marketing idea. Not only does this help ARCannabis gain resonance on their social media, but it also shows its customers that they care about their opinion. In addition, AR Cannabis provoked the licensed producers to compete with each other by motivating their fans to vote for them.

Who do you think will be crowned the first champion of the ARCannabis Cup? And have you already voted for your favorite producers?
Let us know in the comments or contact us on Instagram.

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