“As a sexual assault survivor, my calling is to achieve out to others … and if I can inform you one thing, that’s how hashish may also help.”

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This center taught me so much about myself in the first few months after I was raped. After using cannabis to heal my own heart and mind from the incident, I decided to give back and become an educator at SOC. Fifty percent of all income from the sale of our Sisters Pipe also goes to SOC.

While speaking at many events and conferences and meeting people from all walks of life, one question I am asked most often is: How can cannabis help me as a survivor of an attack? Here are some of the options.

Sleepless Nights: How to Calm the Troubled Mind

If I were woken up by a loud noise in my sleep, a panic episode would quickly ensue. My mind would rethink so quickly that I would be less scared of all the bad things that can happen to me. I feel like someone is trying to break into my room as that was my core experience. Because of this, I always have a vaporizer next to my bed. Smoking / vaping cannabis is the fastest onset experience and the best relief for my PTSD associated with my rape experience. This would also help me sleep better and keep my anxiety at bay while calming my quick thinking mind.

“Smoking / vaping cannabis is the fastest onset experience and the best relief for my PTSD associated with my rape experience.” Photo by Antuanette Gomez

Low libido and “how suppositories were life changing for me”

After feeling like something was being taken away from me, it was really hard to feel sexy. The shame and guilt I’ve faced are real. There is nothing we can do about it as we are only human. I was engaged at the time and it was heartbreaking to tell my partner what happened during an overseas industry conference. He was angry and I was broken. He held me as long as I needed … and passionate as we are as a couple, it was a very difficult time after that, even as tantric lovers!

I told my doctor that the pain in my sex life was constant and learned that it is common in many survivors too. I own a sexual health company and love helping women, but I was so shocked when it happened to me. I have recommended suppositories for women with endometriosis and fibroids for longer or extra strong relief. I didn’t know how life changing this can be for survivors of attack. Using suppositories was exactly what I needed to feel sexy again – I felt like I was taking my vagina back – it was finally MINE!

When I use the suppositories, I use them 30 minutes before sex to really absorb them into the vaginal tissues and not only bring relief but also experience pleasure. Relaxing my pelvic floor was so relieving that most women also exert most of their stress. The relief from the fear of performance disappeared – FINALLY, as I couldn’t wait to get under the covers – oh and this maximum touch sensitivity was oh so delicious!

Cannabis gave me back my amazing sex life that I really missed. Something, yes, was taken from me, but Mary Jane made me stronger for it, and I’m really grateful for that.

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Antuanette Gomez is the CEO of Pleasure Peaks and an international speaker who attended the Forbes 30 under 30 conference in Michigan in 2018 as a scientist.

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