BevCanna indicators settlement to infuse Vertosa’s emulsions into its hashish drinks – MJNews Community

BevCanna Enterprises Inc., an emerging leader in innovative health and wellness beverages and products, announced that it has signed an AB supply agreement with ABcann Medicinals Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of VIVO Cannabis Inc., to produce Vertosa cannabis emulsions in select BevCanna products to infuse home and white label products, including the Keef Brands line, which BevCanna will be launching in Canada this summer.

BevCanna will incorporate Vertosa emulsions, the No. 1 cannabis emulsions in the United States, into its Canadian cannabis beverages. Vertosa’s emulsions have been shown to accelerate exposure time to an average of eight minutes, extend shelf life, increase bioavailability and improve the flavor profile of the company’s cannabis-infused products. The pre-suspended, water-compatible solutions from Vertosa are incredibly homogeneous and stable products that are adapted and manufactured on site at ABcann. The agreement with ABcann gives BevCanna access to the emulsions for its product portfolio.

“This emulsion technology will be groundbreaking in its ability to accelerate onset and enhance the sensory experience of our cannabis-infused beverages, among other things,” said Melise Panetta, President of BevCanna. “We’re working closely with the Vertosa and ABcann teams to develop a range of premium beverages that we plan to launch across Canada this summer.”

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