Biden will not decide to signing the marijuana invoice if Congress passes it, press secretary says

A White House letter on Tuesday took an interesting turn when reporters asked Press Secretary Jen Psaki some tough questions. Although the conference touched on the Derek Chauvin Trial and the coronavirus, the 4/20 date was an informal holiday celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts.

Psaki has been openly addressed as many people want to know: where will Biden end up in the battle of the marijuana movement? As a Democratic president, his views are milder than those of other Republicans who have served in office. While many voters believed he would be okay with ending the federal marijuana ban, it turns out that Biden is a little more strict on the pot on Democrats than others in his party.

Biden on marijuana eradication and rescheduling

When asked about Biden’s feeling that the current legislation is being spread in both Houses, Psaki had this to say:

“The President supports allowing states to make decisions about recreational legalization, rescheduling cannabis as a List II drug so researchers can study its positive and negative effects, and at the federal level, supports the decriminalization of marijuana use and making it automatic.” Expulsion of Past Criminal Records, ”she said. “He also supports the legalization of medical marijuana, so he makes his point on this.”

The reporter squeezed Psaki and again asked clearly whether Biden would actively oppose the legislation, even if both the House and Senate supported it. Their response was to simply reiterate the president’s stance and not approve or reject his plans to sign a law that would end the federal ban. Instead, she replied that there is no need to wonder when the bill hasn’t passed.

It’s hard to understand why he’s reluctant when lawmakers like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) willingly declare their support for federal legislation in support of cannabis reform.

In addition, the house passed the SAFE Banking Act (Secure and Fair Enforcement) on Monday, a bipartisan measure. This is a huge win for cannabis companies as it would allow American financial institutions to legally bank with business owners without fear of fines.

When asked if the president supported this, again focusing on the fact that party lines are working together to address this rather important US issue, Psaki had to reply that she did not know but would ask at a later date and provide an explanation would give away.

Reporters also alerted Psaki to previous claims by the Biden government to pardon federal prisoners detained solely for marijuana offenses.

A reporter asked Paski at close quarters: “Given the President’s support for decriminalization, support for the deportation of these very types of crimes, are there any plans to re-examine some of these clemency pleas?”

Your answer was missing, especially because of a concept proposed by Biden himself. Psaki commented, “Well, I think if I talk about rescheduling – rescheduling cannabis as a List II drug, which is red – it will have an impact on the criminal justice system as well.”

That is definitely not a straightforward answer and possibly a very worrying attitude from a President. The biggest challenge with this scenario described by Press Secretary Psaki is that it is in no way easy or short to reschedule a substance.

When referring to a certain American citizen incarcerated for growing cannabis under a perfectly legal state medical marijuana license, Psaki said, “Well, I would just use it as an opportunity to reiterate that the President said the Medical marijuana legalization supported, ”said Psaki. “It sounds like it did in this case, and of course, marijuana use would be decriminalized and previous criminal records automatically erased. In individual cases, I obviously cannot get ahead of them. “

Spread the cannabis policy that is inconsistent with the campaign promises

The cannabis discussions at the briefing were a far cry from what cannabis supporters were hoping to hear, especially on what is considered an unofficial cannabis holiday. While we hear the things that Biden supports with marijuana reform, it falls flat when compared to the promises made in the campaign.

The press secretary did not confirm that Biden will oppose the federal ban, but the flow of information did not send a positive message.

Regardless of the party lines, any candidate worthy of the American presidency should at least be able to find hard banking improvements for this newly thriving industry and the grace for incarcerated Americans for something that is now decriminalized or legalized at some level were punished to openly support. in most states.

If the president cannot strike the middle ground in the struggle to legalize cannabis, there will be large numbers of supporters who find that their expectations are contrary to reality. Stay tuned as we follow legislative proposals that could aid in marijuana reform at the federal level.

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