Biden’s anti-marijuana stance is ideal for America proper now

The cannabis community is upset when everyone comes out on President Joe Biden’s latest drug war gimmick. Though he gave them a little hope during his campaign that they would see some humble marijuana reform when he took office, they keep getting the same floating anti-marijuana malarkey they’ve seen for decades.

The president is still in its first 100 days and has already laid off a fair number of employees who have used marijuana (reminder: it is legal to grow, own, and use in Washington DC) and there is no evidence to suggest that he has lifted a finger to create more research opportunities, legalization for medical purposes and the elimination of criminal penalties. Mind you, Biden added all of these things to its campaign platform early last year.

Meanwhile, polls show Americans are ready to legalize marijuana nationwide. The latest survey from Gallup shows that 68% believe that weeds like alcohol and tobacco should be taxed and regulated. Other surveys have shown similar results. It has been said that once public opinion has been rated positively at 65% or more for several years, Congress would be forced to at least consider the issue. And it seems that the legislature is finally going to examine the possibilities.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and two other Senators plan to enact laws soon to end the marijuana ban in the United States once and for all. The problem is, President Biden never signed to support major cannabis reform. Indeed, Senate Democrats and Biden are not on the same page at all when it comes to how to shape national marijuana reform. The Dems want to make it completely legal at the federal level, while Biden just wants to decriminalize it.

As you can see, Topf makes Biden nervous.

A recent video by a former member of the Biden Criminal Justice Task Force claims he refused to include federal legalization of marijuana in his campaign fearing it would cost him the election. He maintained that stance even though the task force showed him that supporting legal weed would actually help him. “Biden wanted to study more,” says the video.

However, with increasing support for legalization in recent polls, Biden may be forced to change his mind – and quickly. Either that, or he actually risks losing his re-election offer.

It is for this reason that we should applaud the President’s anti-marijuana stance. It’s the perfect advertisement for America as it moves out of the pot ban. Sure, there are plenty of legislative cobwebs out there that will make it difficult to pass this kind of sweeping reform in 2021 – even if Democrats hold a majority – but the more national jibber-jabbers on this issue, the better.

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Right now, Senate Democrats are calling on Republicans to work with them as they understand Biden’s legislative agenda is crippled by the filibuster. If not, the Democrats are threatening to leave the filibuster in pieces behind the Capitol. Republican leadership has vowed that every move to change or kill the filibuster will produce a result burnt earth panel. However, Democrats know that destroying the legislation means Republicans cannot fulfill their agenda either. So it’s either a deadlock or adjustments that allow both parties to get their jobs done.

If negotiations were in favor of the Democrats, marijuana reform could continue this year.Biden could even support it.

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The Biden administration admitted halfway last week that they might be open to having marijuana fully legalized. During a press conference when press officer Jen Psaki was recently asked about the Biden pot fires said“So it’s not about a person’s personal point of view – it’s about going through the process, history, and modernization, and taking steps to address the fact that marijuana is legal in a number of states across the country. It’s still illegal nationwide. “

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So if Congress could just get a marijuana bill before President Biden that would change the law, it would surely sign it, right? If he didn’t, the pro-pot beasts that breed like rabbits would show up to call him. It would be big news. The fact that his cannabis-related layoffs have made headlines on all major news outlets in the past few weeks shows that more of the nation feel his latest actions are somewhat antiquated. If the Senate Democrats can get a marijuana measure through both Houses and on President Biden’s desk for signature, he will be pressured to sign it. Biden can already feel the heat in this area.

CONNECTED: Senate Democrats and President Biden are not on the same side as cannabis reform

It is conceivable that he will soon be forced to really listen to his round table and get a grip on the realities of the marijuana issue in this day and age. Obviously, the more negative the press gets on the issue as his party prepares to move forward at full steam, the more he will have to defend his belief in maintaining the ban. More than half the nation has legalized for one reason or another, and while there may be some downsides, none is as tragic as maintaining the ban for another eighty years.

And let’s face it, after Biden tore his mind apart during his first official press conference last week, there’s a good chance he doesn’t remember ever taking an anti-marijuana stance in the first place.

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