Canada has hashish gross sales of CA $ 2.6 billion for 2020, a rise of 120% from 2019

Canadian sales of legal recreational cannabis were $ 2.6 billion ($ 2.08 billion) in 2020, as sales rose from a relatively sluggish November in December.

Licensed marijuana retailers across the country sold CA $ 298.4 million in cannabis in December, up 14.3% from November. This comes from new retail data released Friday by the national data agency Statistics Canada.

Canada’s total for 2020 represents a 120% increase over 2019 cannabis sales, which were estimated at CA $ 1.2 billion.

The December number closes a year of mostly sequential monthly growth for marijuana sales in Canada as new stores opened in many provinces. Monthly sales only decreased in February, April and November.

December sales were up in all provinces except Saskatchewan compared to November.

Canada’s four largest cannabis markets – Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, and British Columbia – accounted for more than 84% of the country’s legal recreational marijuana sales in December. The monthly sales and growth were as follows:

  • Ontario: CA $ 94.6 million (up 14.2%).
  • Alberta: CA $ 63.8 million (up 18.2%).
  • Quebec: CA $ 50.8 million (up 13.1%).
  • British Columbia: CA $ 42.5 million (up 16.5%).

In the remaining six provinces, recreational cannabis sales in December were:

  • Saskatchewan: CA $ 11.8 million (down 14.1%).
  • Manitoba: CA $ 11.1 million, up 14.7%.
  • Nova Scotia: CA $ 8.2 million (up 19.6%).
  • New Brunswick: CA $ 6.8 million (up 10.8%).
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: CA $ 5.4 million (up 41.8%).
  • Prince Edward Island: CA $ 1.8 million (up 17.6%).

Monthly sales were CA $ 736,000 in the Yukon Territory and CA $ 896,000 in the Northwest Territories. Sales figures for the Nunavut area were not available.

According to Statistics Canada, legal recreational cannabis sales overtook illegal sales for the first time in the third quarter of 2020.

Statistics Canada’s retail sales figures track sales of regulated adult cannabis from licensed stationary cannabis stores, online private sector sales in some provinces, and provincial online stores in others.

The data office’s monthly cannabis sales data for 2020 can be found here.

The agency is expected to release retail numbers for January 2021 on Friday, March 19.

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