Canada is accepting public feedback on regulatory adjustments in hashish analysis and vape flavors

Canadian cannabis regulator Health Canada announced an upcoming public comment deadline on regulations that could lead to new restrictions on flavors used in marijuana vape products.

The proposed changes to the Canadian federal cannabis regulation would be “in line with the proposed restrictions on flavors in vaping products under the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act,” said a statement from Health Canada recommending the public comment deadline.

“The purpose of the proposed changes would be to protect public health and safety, particularly by preventing young people and others from using cannabis,” the communication said.

“The proposed changes would limit the flavors in cannabis extracts for inhalation, including vapor products.”

Canadians have 30 days to comment on the proposed regulatory changes during a public comment period, which, according to the Forward Regulatory Plan, is expected to begin this spring.

Another set of proposed regulatory changes could make it easier to conduct non-therapeutic cannabis research by exempting cannabis made and sold for human research from certain requirements under Canada’s food and drug regulations.

The proposed changes would also “approve additional research-related activities for specific licensees,” including the ability to create and sell reference standards.

“The proposed changes would have implications for researchers and current and potential cannabis license holders who conduct research-related activities,” said a separate release from Health Canada.

A public comment period on this proposal is expected to begin in the spring of this year.

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