Canadian Resident Charged with Crime Following Hashish Smuggling Supply

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US Customs officers arrest a man after confiscating about 3.5 kilograms of weeds.

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Angela Stelmakowich Together, the sacks weighed around 3.5 kilograms.  /. Together the sacks weighed around 3.5 kilograms. /. Photo from U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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Together, the bags weighed approximately 3.5 kg and had an estimated street value of $ 15,000 ($ 18,900).

CBP officers arrested and processed the man, then handed both the drugs and the driver over to New York State Police, where he is charged with the criminal possession of marijuana crimes.

Given that the efforts of CBP officials continue unabated, “our collaboration with New York State Police has helped remove these narcotics from the streets of our community,” said Bob Dwyer, port director of Massena, in the statement .

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) states that possession of more than a pound but less than 10 pounds (about half a kilogram to 4.5 kg) of cannabis is a criminal offense leading to seven years in incarceration may result in a fine of $ 5,000 ($ 6,300) or both. Holding more than 10 pounds of weeds is also a criminal offense, but the potential incarceration time associated with it more than doubles and triples.

Trafficking in any quantity of cannabis is a criminal offense that can be punished with a prison term of at least 15 years up to 25 years, a fine of $ 100,000 ($ 126,000), or both.

New York State appears to be nearing the legalization of recreational cannabis, although some previous attempts have been unsuccessful. Last week, however, NNY 360 reported that lawmakers were getting closer to an agreement to legalize weeds for adults, possibly as soon as later this month.

“It’s a question of when, not of the case,” Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins ​​said at a recent press conference on NNY 360. “We’re very close.”

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