Canadians on new hashish intimacy oil: “May it get me up and it actually works, you realize?”

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Many women have heard of the positive effects cannabis has on their sexuality. According to recent studies, cannabis has a unique interaction with women’s libido and, in smaller doses, can increase sexual appetite. Researchers believe this is due to estrogen receptors, which affect how receptive our brains are to external cannabinoids. Men, on the other hand, may notice a decrease in their sexual appetite and an increase in their appetite.

Sex Pot is a “pre-lube”. So think of it as the start of your erotic journey as it takes around 20 minutes to build up arousal. Katie Iarocci, a passionate plant biologist with an extensive understanding of the physiology and phytochemistry of cannabis, the sensual combination of rose, jasmine and jojoba essential oils, and the aphrodisiac damiana, has been carefully selected to enhance the overall experience.

Latitude’s intimacy oil and our CBD plus THC infused bath salts Night Shift and In Bloom are just the beginning of our exploration of the plant’s botanical potential. We have many more products in the works for 2021, from beauty to bathing to more

Cannabis is a phytochemical powerhouse and now that it’s a legal tool in the herbal toolbox who knows where it could take us?

Antonia Whyatt is Director of Content, 48North and Editor-in-Chief of LAT magazine.

This story is part of The GrowthOp’s weekly Sex & Self-care series.

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