Chelsea Handler is doing her half to make sure America Is Again with the discharge of the brand new hashish package

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“I smile at the optimism and hope that come with this new administration.” /. Photo by Chelsea Handler, Instagram

On Trump’s election, she said in a CNN interview in May 2019, “I think a lot of us had a wake up call and I know that I am the person that this happened to.

When Trump found that she had started seeing a psychiatrist after the 2016 elections, she was “a good opportunity to take a look at me and see what is advancing my problems and why Trump is such a pandemic for me,” she said .
“It was clear to my psychiatrist that this was a trigger for me. It was a trigger for me at the other time in my life when things were unstable. “

In December, Forbes reported that Handler had partnered with Sweet Flower to launch a curated selection of weed products called Evolution Kit.

“My connection with cannabis has evolved,” she told Forbes. “Now I can set the tone of how high my high will be. I have enough cannabis experience that I can’t control my mood, ”she added.

“There is no way back. Cannabis is being legalized in this and other countries, ”Handler predicted, adding that she expects psilocybin and LSD to follow suit.

For traders, cannabis offers comfort and balance. She said it reduced any anxiety or stress she was feeling and allowed her to focus and be productive. She even combined two of her passions – grass and skiing – when she hit the slopes in Whistler, BC last year to celebrate her 45th birthday, half-naked and with a margarita in hand.

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