Chris Webber of his $ 100 million hashish fund: “We’re making an attempt to vary the trade to appear like America.”

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Webber launched the fund with JW Asset Management in New York in January.

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Sam Riches Chris Webber (L) and the TNT NBA broadcast crew. Chris Webber (L) and the TNT NBA broadcast crew. Photo by Chris Webber Instagram

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“I only see education,” says Webber in changing attitudes towards the facility. “Often it was just stereotypical.”

According to Webber, cannabis can be a sleep aid for many athletes, especially when arriving in cities late at night after traveling all day.

“It’s sleep management, mood management, inflammation, pain management, all of these things we’re just learning,” explained Webber, adding that cannabis can be a natural alternative to drugs.

For Bell, he said his sleep aid on the street is usually a glass of scotch and “some PM” (like Tylenol PM or Advil PM). He also revealed that one of his former college teammates is on dialysis and waiting for a kidney donor because of the medication he took as a player.

“He’s on the national registry for a kidney donor because the amount of advil and ibuprofen and so on they pumped into him to keep him in place blew his kidneys out,” Bell said.

Webber says raising awareness of cannabis and inequality in the industry is an issue he wants to address with the fund launched with JW Asset Management in New York in January.

Webber will also soon offer training on another subject as he teaches an online course at Morehouse University called Activism in Sports and Culture.

The course will examine the role athletes, coaches and media personalities have played in shaping public opinion on inequality and promoting civil rights.

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