Congressional Democrats should legalize marijuana nationwide earlier than halftime, or in any other case

Since the Democrats took control of Congress earlier this year, the cannabis industry has been excited about the possibility of federal marijuana legalization. Many believe that federal lawmakers will pass laws in the next few months to tax and regulate weeds like alcohol. You also have good authority that it could happen.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says the issue will be a priority for Senate Democrats this year, and a bill, which it consists of, will be introduced shortly. As you read this article, Republicans are planning and dreaming of regaining power.

Senate minority chairman Mitch McConnell says he is gathering candidates who can win the mid-term election and put him back on the throne. If Democrats want to legalize weeds nationwide, they must do so before the next election. Because unfortunately there is a good chance that they will lose their power in 2022.

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The Democrats are in good shape right now. Just this week they passed a mega-COVID bill that will put more money in the hands of Americans and likely save many of them from financial collapse. It’s a huge win for the Democrats and now they’re preparing for the next one. And that could be federal legalization of marijuana. Schumer and the occupation have already announced that they will shortly be putting a bill on cannabis on the table “to ensure restorative justice, protect public health and introduce responsible taxes and regulations”.

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As we mentioned earlier this week, a Senate bill to legalize marijuana could see the light of day in April. While they don’t talk about it much, the Democrats understand that if they have a chance to hold out, they must move forward on this issue at full speed. They have time to borrow and they know it. Even with major political successes like the COVID bill, they will continue to be urged to maintain control of the House and Senate for the next year. Anything they want to do by then, including legalization, needs to be completed in a hurry.

The Democrats have such a small majority on the hill that it becomes even more difficult to hold on to. The Senate is a 50:50 split (with Vice President Kamala Harris as a tiebreaker), and they own the house with just nine seats. But some of the classic cars in the Republican Party are retiring, which gives the Democrats a small edge for now.

Historically, however, the intervening times will devastate the presidential party – the Democrats understand this too. They know it won’t be long before they lose their clout and return it to the Republicans. Unless McConnell retires as well, which is possible, he would resign and continue his reign over Republican terror in a way that affects no one.

And that means curtains for marijuana. McConnell has still not publicly changed his mind about legalization.

Anti-marijuana Mitch McConnell could continue to control the Senate as the minority leaderPhoto by Nicholas Kamm-Pool / Getty Images

Without suffering too much political handicap – it’s still too early for that – let’s just say that the Democrats are vital in moving their agenda forward and getting as much done as possible. Due to the decreasing separation of powers, they cannot simply vote on a marijuana bill and settle it easily. The process of statewide legalization will take some time to get the required votes and it will require the support of both parties. There is no other way around it.

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Democrats were forced to cut the $ 15 minimum wage and cut unemployment benefits to make the COVID bill more palatable to Republicans. Legal weed may prove to be a trickier issue given Republicans’ anti-drug stance. The Dems have to change some opinions or make unwanted concessions. That could mean big problems.

To test the water, the Democrats will likely try shoving a marijuana bill through a raw dog’s style and leaving it open to the filibuster. This is an old Senate rule that subjects controversial issues to a majority decision rather than an even majority. It’s a rule McConnell wants to keep in the game for obvious reasons as it keeps him in control of the Senate in some ways, even as the minority leader. Any attempt to sabotage the filibuster could cost the Democrats a chance to get more off Biden’s agenda, and that cannot happen. It’s not going to happen. Therefore, caution is of the utmost importance.

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In short, Democrats need to find a creative way to get federal legalization of marijuana in the short amount of time they are in control or risk blowing it all up. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely this year. Still, the loss of a convention house next November would be enough to divide the hill again and halt advances on the cannabis issue for years to come. If ever there was a perfect storm of possibility and nothing, now is that time.

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