Congressman Boyle Unveils Invoice to Eradicate Out of date Ordinary Drunkard and Decriminalize Marijuana Crimes within the Naturalization Course of – MJNews Community

DISTRICT COLOMBIA: Congressman Brendan F. Boyle (PA-02) tabled a bill to amend the Immigration and Citizenship Act to remove the “habitual drunk” provision and make marijuana offenses as grounds for inadmissibility or consideration in a good determination of moral character to be eliminated. This bill will modernize the naturalization process and ensure that marijuana-related crimes do not adversely affect an applicant’s chances of becoming a potential U.S. citizen.

“As applicants go through the green card and / or naturalization process, they are currently encountering questions that go,” Have you ever been an ordinary drunk? “Or details of an applicant’s marijuana use,” Boyle said. “These questions have nothing to do with citizenship and only serve to reinforce the societal stigmas associated with alcohol and drug abuse. It is extremely worrying to see federal applications like this continuing to use a harsh and antiquated term like “habitual drunkard”. In addition, potential citizens should not be punished for acts that are relatively harmless and non-criminal. This sloppy language only serves to reinforce social stigmatization and misunderstandings about substance abuse, and it is time to modernize the process. “

Boyle’s bill would amend the Immigration and Citizenship Act to remove the “habitual drunk” provision and exclude low-level marijuana-related offenses as grounds for inadmissibility and / or deportation.

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