Connecticut mandates decide hashish smoking areas

Cannabis legalization officially goes into effect today in Connecticut, which includes rules and regulations putting aside designated marijuana smoking areas in major cities and towns that choose to regulate cannabis smoking.

State lawmakers passed the comprehensive bill earlier this month, and the bill was signed and officially made law of the country on June 22nd by Democratic Governor Ned Lamont. Recreational marijuana possession and use will become legal for adults on July 1, although regulated sales of adult cannabis products are not expected to begin until next year.

As cannabis legalization has spread across the country, regulations in states that adopt early reforms have been criticized by some proponents for lacking provisions on legal use in public and taking measures to counter the effects of war Contain drugs on colored communities. Prior to signing the Connecticut bill, Lamont praised the social justice measures in the legislature.

“We had a chance to learn from others and I think we got it right here in Connecticut,” Lamont said last week. “We weren’t the first, but we were the first to show that we can do it right.”

To enable more adults to legally consume cannabis, the legislation includes language and regulations that require larger communities that regulate cannabis smoking in public to provide a designated area for marijuana smoking. The provision applies to cities and municipalities with a population of at least 50,000. Smaller cities are allowed to ban smoking in public without providing such shelter for cannabis smokers.

Mandates in New Haven

In New Haven, Connecticut, of more than 130,000 residents, civic leaders are in the process of determining how the state’s new cannabis law will affect the city.

“We are following changes to state law that generally allows recreational marijuana use,” New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker told local media on Tuesday, noting that the city has not enacted a local ban on smoking cannabis .

“At this point, we are not considering introducing additional restrictions on marijuana smoking. Should you choose to do so, you can smoke in public areas, ”said Elicker.

Mandates include restrictions on all types of smoking

The Mayor noted that while New Haven has not yet issued a local smoking ordinance or other official mandate, the state cannabis legalization law includes new restrictions on all types of smoking. The legislation provides a broad definition of smoking that includes any lighted cigarette, pipe, cigar, or device that contains tobacco, cannabis, or hemp, including e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

“I think it is important that the public is aware of the legal restrictions because there are places where smoking is not allowed,” said Elicker. “The most important thing is to just be respectful.”

Under the newly introduced law, all forms of smoking are prohibited in schools, government buildings, bars, hotels, motels, restaurants, health care facilities, grocery stores, student dormitories and many other public and private establishments. The ban extends to “outside areas within 25 feet of any doorway, operable window, or air intake” of such locations, making tobacco and cannabis smoking illegal on many sidewalks and other outdoor public areas.

“Our legal understanding is that marijuana is also prohibited in places where smoking cigarettes is prohibited,” said Elicker.

Lindsey Chartrand, the owner of Cake, Batter & Roll Bakery in Middletown, said she supports the new restrictions on all types of smoking near businesses.

“I would think that the increase in outdoor eating should have a positive effect,” said Chartrand. “I think people don’t want to have to smell the smells associated with smoking cigarettes or weed.”

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