Contact excessive on Wall Road: The Hashish Billionaire Who Does not Smoke Weed – Hashish Enterprise Government

With the help of Big Beer and Big Pharma, Brendan Kennedy’s Canadian cannabis company Tilray has unexpectedly become America’s gateway to the legal marijuana industry.

It’s just after 6 On a pitch dark December morning, Brendan Kennedy is standing over the stove, wearing shorts and a vest, and meditatively melting butter in a pancake pan. It will be nearly two hours for the sun to break through the Seattle skies, and Kennedy, the toddler son in tow, is already looking thoughtful like a man trying to keep the upcoming work day from interfering with a family ritual.

The morning is a sacred time for the 46-year-old CEO, who has two rules to start the day: Always eat breakfast. Only eat with your children. However, following rule # 2 means eating alone when out and about – which is a lot these days, especially since Kennedy’s company Tilray went public in July. In a few hours he will be boarding his 135th flight of the year – a statistic he can tell you because his assistant, who knows how he enjoys data, sends him monthly analysis on his own trip (in 2018 he flew 23% more miles than he did the year before). At the moment, his 4-year-old daughter in a pink tutu is skeptically stirring the dough from its place on the kitchen island. [Read More @ Fortune]

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