Daylight hashish store at Tofino

Don’t worry about the clouds, cannabis retailer Daylight Cannabis is bringing all the sunshine to Tofino, BC this time of year. As if the city didn’t already have an unbeatable combination of sights and sounds, things got a little better with the Daylight Cannabis Store.

Here are five reasons everyone should visit the Daylight Cannabis Store in Tofino, BC.

The owners and staff of the Daylight Cannabis Store are second to none in their knowledge and accommodations

How much better is your experience at a company if the employees really want you to have the best experience possible? When you open the doors of Daylight (after you’ve put on your mask and hand sanitizer) you can be sure that you will be greeted with smiles and tasteful background music. These two things alone can brighten any day.

You won’t be disappointed when you hear what they have to say. You’ll throw more knowledge than Sean Evans on Hot Ones, and the entire crew will send you home with exactly what you wanted – and more.

Daylight cannabis

An impressively curated range of cannabis and CBD

I had the pleasure of working at Daylight Cannabis when I lived there last fall. I was literally overwhelmed by the research and study of all employees to ensure that the right range of products was always available. They have everything you can think of from CBD and THC infused beverages to slivers, oil, THC cream, vapes, foods, and a diverse array of flowers.

The staff is always finding new varieties and bringing back the fan favorites. Either way, you can be sure that Daylight cannabis has exactly what you need. I almost forgot to mention the wide range of dry or oil vaporizers – this will drop your jaw faster than a bowl of homemade salsa.

Impressive supply of cannabis and CBD

Amazing online shopping experience

If you’ve made it this far and haven’t checked out Daylight’s online presence, the website is definitely worth it, as is the IG page.

Or if you want to be the fastest child alive, you can order and pay directly on the website. From there, all you have to do is show up with your government issued ID and your new bouquet will be in your hands. They also have some really bad clothes that are available through the online store.

Amazing online experience

Inspirational architecture of the Daylight cannabis store

It’s clear how much time and effort has gone into making Daylight Cannabis a comfortable place for everyone. The first thing you see are huge clear glass doors that give the feel of an observatory or greenhouse.

Even if it storms outside, the pleasant atmosphere inside brings the romance. Carefully selected furniture and plants are placed on purpose and give the Daylight room a homely atmosphere. The staff work hard to ensure that everyone who walks through the door experiences the place at its best.

Daylight cannabis architecture

It really goes with Tofino

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when visiting this Pacific Northwest gem. Tofino has really proven itself in helping local businesses and artisans. You can find inspiration in almost any part of the city. If you’re visiting Tofino this year to catch waves, falling stars or R&R, Daylight will compliment it all in the right way.

The Daylight Cannabis Store has products for the full range of cannabis and CBD users. If you are the casual or everyday consumer this place is the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.

Great decor

It was a great pleasure for me to spend time with the staff and customers of the Daylight Cannabis Store during my time there. Don’t miss out on this gem and grab a sticker on the way out. Everyone should have more daylight in their life.

Have you been lucky enough to visit the Daylight Cannabis Store in Tofino? What are your favorite stores in Tofino or BC? Let us know in the comments below!

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