DEA continues to prioritize efforts to broaden entry to marijuana for analysis within the US – MJNews Community

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: On May 14, 2021, the Drug Enforcement Administration took an important step to improve the opportunities for medical and scientific research. The DEA is nearing the end of its review of certain applications for marijuana growers and will soon be able to register additional agencies approved to manufacture marijuana for research purposes. Currently, the National Center for Natural Product Development at the University of Mississippi is the only licensed supplier of research marijuana in the United States. This production was intended exclusively for the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Pending final approval, the DEA has determined, based on the information currently available, that a number of requests from manufacturers to grow marijuana for research in the United States appear to be in compliance with applicable legal standards and relevant laws. DEA has therefore made a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) available to these manufacturers as the next step in the approval process.

On December 18, 2020, the DEA passed new rules for applications from companies wishing to register with the DEA to mass-produce marijuana for research purposes. Under these and other applicable regulations, applicants are responsible for demonstrating that they have met various requirements, including requirements for having adequate government authority, documenting that their clients are authorized to conduct research, and taking appropriate safeguards take action to prevent a diversion.

At this point, the DEA has submitted an MOA to the aforementioned manufacturers, who appear to be in compliance with legal requirements, outlining the ways in which the applicant and DEA will work together to manufacture, store, package and distribute marijuana in the context of facilitating new regulations as well as other applicable legal standards and relevant laws.

To the extent that these MOAs are completed, DEA expects to issue DEA registrations to these manufacturers. Each applicant will then be authorized to grow marijuana up to their allotted quota to aid the 575+ DEA-licensed researchers across the country. As individual manufacturers receive DEA registrations, this information is made available on DEA’s website for redirection control.

DEA will continue to prioritize efforts to evaluate the remaining registration applications and expects further approvals in the future.

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