Delaware doubles the variety of medical hashish licensees

Delaware increased the number of medical cannabis business licensees from three to six, due to medical cannabis card registrations increasing nearly 40% over the past year compared to 2019.

According to Dover-based Delaware State News, the three new licensees, their expected openings as well as locations are:

  • CannaTech Research: Expected to open April through June in Dover and Georgetown.
  • EzyCure: Expected to open in Felton and Middletown from April to June.
  • Valor Craft Cannabis Co .: Expected to open in New Castle from July to September.

The existing licensees and their locations, according to the Delaware Business Times are:

  • Columbia Care, a New York-based multistate operator with locations in Rehoboth, Smyrna, and Wilmington.
  • First State Compassion, a local company owned by a former state trooper with offices in Lewes and Wilmington.
  • Fresh cannabis owned by the New Jersey-based Compassionate Care Research Institute in Newark.

According to the state’s 2020 Annual Delaware Medical Marijuana Report, 16,497 medical cards were issued in the state last year. This is a 37% increase over the 12,045 cards issued in 2019.

The state opened the licensing process last summer and won 10 applicants.

The highly regulated MMJ market in Delaware requires vertical integration of cannabis companies.

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