Dependancy Restoration Middle in Utah on medical hashish use

In a premiere for Beehive State, an sober convalescent center uses medical cannabis to help people with drug and alcohol addictions.

Tribal house of men is a sober home where recently incarcerated people use medical cannabis to recover – and the first center to take this advanced approach to addiction.

“I would either be in jail or I would be dead, and I know for sure,” said Joshua Kyle Liberator told KJZZ. Liberator is currently recovering from a heroin addiction. “Instead of going out and picking up a needle and sticking it in my arm, I use a vaporizer or a cartridge or put a gummy bear in my mouth,” he said. “It gets me through the day.”

Shane Ericksen owns the Men’s Tribal House and believes medical cannabis is a powerful and useful tool that has been shown to be helpful for harm reduction and the management of chronic pain and PTSD.

About half of Ericksen’s 27 beds are used by customers who receive medical cannabis in the state with the approval of a doctor and a medical cannabis card. “They won’t run down the block and get heroin,” said Ericksen. “In the beginning, I was kind of a pariah in the addiction recreation industry here in Utah. “Why do you give cannabis to drug addicts?” Ericksen pondered. “They didn’t understand and they were afraid of it.”

Similar services are provided across the country such as Remedy Recovery based in San Francisco, California. One benefit of cannabis is that it doesn’t interact negatively with common recovery drugs like buprenorphine and naltrexone.

California sober

“California Sober” is the idea that you can be sober from alcohol and hard drugs – but continue to use cannabis. Because cannabis smoke has fewer serious side effects than alcohol or hard drugs, it is believed that someone can smoke cannabis and still be an excellent member of society – someone who doesn’t force family and friends to be cut off by their choices. In public, people are like Demi Lovato also claims that cannabis helps solve serious addictions Problems.

People like dr. Drew popped the idea of ​​being California Sober after Demi Lovato’s announcement to go to California Sober. In Dr. Drew’s Eyes, cannabis is a bad habit because former smokers say cannabis is the “drug” they miss most.

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