Does Hashish Preserve You Younger?

Old people look old because their skin is no longer producing collagen – or possibly because they regret a vicious life, an existence that has failed in the pursuit of frivolous things. Younger people look old because something has ravaged their skin. Mostly it’s the sun, but also stress, overeating, drinking or – a reference to the music of the New Age health solutions! – an onslaught of angry free radicals.

If you want good skin that looks (ish) young, the best technique is to stay out of the sun. That’s not good enough, and so we have a beauty and cosmetics industry that promises to either delay any of the above inevitable results or to fool other people’s eyes that it hasn’t happened yet.

Some science works here. Most skin care products marketed as “antiaging” are generally just antioxidant delivery mechanisms. Antioxidants are anything that inhibits oxidation. Common antioxidants in living organisms are vitamin C or A, which your body should already have enough of by following a healthy diet.

However, an Australian company working on a “CBD-rich anti-aging cream” believes it has found evidence that super cannabinoid CBD is an antioxidant – making CBD the secret ingredient in cosmetics and health Health products that keep you up to date. young despite your years and bad habits. But is it real?

This is about CBD, so the honest answers are “I don’t know” and “Maybe” and an additional “other stuff that is already known and widely used may work as well, if not better.” “However, since skepticism and caution for page views cannot compete with a potential fountain of youth, here are the details.

The Australian edition of Business Insider was the first to announce that a three-year research project by the University of Technology Sydney and Bod Australia has produced a new “family of proteins in human cells” that act as anti-aging properties [sic] Agents. “

After this discovery, “BOD and UTS [now] Investigating the combination of these proteins with CBD in topical antiaging creams, ”reported the BI article published last week. Adele Hosseini, Bod’s scientific director, also went one step further. In an interview with BI, she made the additional claim that “CBD itself has some antioxidant properties”.

Unfortunately for Bod, they are a little late. Numerous anti-aging skin creams with CBD are already available on the market, in drug stores, as well as at Amazon or other online retailers.

And while most CBD users appear to be trying to resolve pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia before they have time and space to worry about their youthful appearance, the value of cannabis as a general antioxidant is already relatively well known.

“Cannabis is filled with antioxidants like vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E, all of which are helpful in preventing damage and premature creping under your eyes,” Boston area dermatologist Joyce Imahiyerobo-Ip told Marie Claire in a 2017 Interview. (The author of this piece took a “CBD-only” beauty product “Diet” for a month – and absolutely loved it, for what it’s worth.)

This means that anything cannabis, not just a preparation that contains a hemp-derived CBD extract, can help maintain skin. It also means you could get antioxidants from cannabis or a product that contains cannabis or a cannabis extract like CBD, or antioxidants from another location.

It also means that the value of high-CBD antiaging products may be controversial – not because they don’t work (they could!), But because other products that are cheaper or more widely available work just as well as the 89, 99 USD. “Defynt CBD Skin Serum” from Kush Queen or the CBD anti-aging cream “with apple stem cells” from Kushly.

Perhaps the best fact to consider here is to state that 80% of all “external skin damage” is caused by exposure to the sun, with alcohol, poor diet, stress and free radical damage making up the remainder. If buying CBD skin creams keeps you soft – and keeps you inside and out of the sun – you may find that it brings benefits, if not in the way you (or the product you are buying) expect.

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