Does marijuana have an expiration date?

With so much information on the vital role and impact of cannabis on our health and general wellbeing, everyone wants to know if it’s expiring. Well, weeds don’t get as bad as your milk bottle and other foods, but they can be “moldy” at times.

Moldy and / or old weeds may not cause harmful health problems when ingested, but they can affect you if you have health problems. When you are 100% healthy, you will find that it is not as strong as it was when it was fresh. Older weeds also have a different feel, taste, and texture, which makes them quite unattractive to users. You don’t want such moldy weeds, so it is recommended not to keep the weeds for too long. How long should you keep your weeds? And how long do weeds stay fresh?

How long do weeds stay fresh?

If you store the weed properly, it can remain suitable for six months to 1 year. After this specified time, the dried weeds will lose their strength and aroma. Research suggests that weeds lose 16% of THC if left for a full year, and from there continually drop off.

Of 16% in one year, 26% THC is lost in two years and 34% THC is lost in three years. If you leave the weed for more than four years, you will lose 41% THC. What is the purpose of weed without THC? Why should you keep the weeds for so long?

In some cases, it is possible that you accidentally left the weeds. Maybe you traveled a long time or you forgot that you had weeds. Regardless of the reason, you should purposely be careful about how you use your weeds so that if you don’t use them within six months, you won’t buy them.

How can I tell if my weeds are old?

The smell

The first sign that your weeds are old is their smell. The weeds that have been left for too long have a different smell and aroma than what you originally bought.

Some weeds can also have a harsh smell and taste, which can mean significant sales for anyone. Please pay attention to the aroma of your weeds when making your first purchase so that you can tell the difference between a fresh and a thick weed.


Next, you’ll see the look and feel of the weeds, which will give you an indication that it is too old. Fresh weeds don’t crumble or look spongy if you break any part of them: if any of these happen, it’s too old. If it seems too dry or even too damp, it has become too old to use.

Feeling sick after consuming it

We hope you won’t reach this third sign because it’s uncomfortable, but it’s also a sign of old weeds. Consuming old weeds may leave you feeling uncomfortable afterwards: the main symptom is an upset stomach. If you are unsure of how long you have left the weed, please do not consume it to avoid this uncomfortable experience.

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You need to be careful when looking for shapes as the shapes may be overlooked. Mold can be difficult to spot if you don’t look closely and carefully. You will see small, white, fuzzy patches on the weeds that, if you look closely, feel powdery. Molds also have a musty smell that reminds you of hay.

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Still, if your weeds are not very old, it is advisable to do a mold infection inspection, as sometimes molds appear on weeds even if they are not very old. When you consume the mold on weeds, you will experience a cough, vomiting, and nausea.

In people with weak immune systems, inhalation of smoke or fumes from mold-infested weeds can cause harmful diseases and sometimes death (if ingested in excess). If it looks or smells awful, generally throw it away (even if it’s not old).

How can I properly store my weeds?

Now we need to learn how to properly store weeds and there are some things you should know. Oxygen, temperature, humidity and light affect your cannabis immensely, from taste to aroma to potency.

To safely store weeds without the negative effects we have discussed, here are some things you should do:

Buy the right glasses

Please do not use plastic bags to hold your weeds as these are static and will affect the weed’s trichomes. Trichomes are the parts of plants that produce cannabinoids and terpenes. Without these properties, the weeds lose their effectiveness.

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The best way to store weeds is in a jar: it is airtight, has no static charge and limits the weed’s oxygen load. Glasses are also inexpensive and easily available for purchase.

Marijuana is much more than just thatDifferent varieties of cannabis buds.
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Monitor the humidity of your location

When storing the weeds, monitor the humidity of the location: it should be 59-63%, and no more. If this percentage is exceeded, too much moisture will become trapped in the container, promoting mold growth.

If you are unsure about the humidity level, please get a moisture pack for the containers you are using, one for cannabis, and you would get it right.

Keep the weeds in a cool, dry, dark place

Weeds should be kept in a cool, dry, dark place out of sunlight. If you expose the weeds to sunlight, they will break down and mold will grow on them. Keep it in a dark place like a closet at a temperature below 77 ° F.

Don’t keep it in the freezer

Your weeds will become brittle and break easily when you put them in a refrigerator. The refrigerator also exposes the weeds to excess moisture, which leads to the formation of mold. So avoid refrigerators.

Bottom line

Cannabis is fast becoming a valued product because of its versatility, both as a medicinal product and as a recreational product. Mind how you use other medicines and valuable items in your home by storing them properly. Store weeds in a sealed container away from heat, sunlight, and moisture. You can use these safety tips and strategies to obtain very fresh and strong weeds that can last for up to a year.

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