Dressing up for distant work has stunning results in your psychological well being

After roughly a year of remote working, we are all sick of working from home, especially the argument where one group says to get dressed and the other vehemently refuse. As with most things, dressing for work from home has advantages and disadvantages.

While some people are still struggling to get dressed and look sharp for their Zoom meetings, most of us opt for some sort of sweatpants and cute top that is reserved for the days when we have video calls. But it is also true that our collective mental health is not doing so well, and some psychologists believe that there is a link between this and how we look.

“For many of us there is an internal message, ‘I care for myself,’ and it will look different for different people,” psychologist Donna Novak told the Huffington Post. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit or a pair of heels in your living room every day, but it does mean that a little exertion can lead you into a healthier mental space.

One trick that many people refer to to get involved in exercise is to put on exercise clothes first thing in the morning. Similarly, wearing comfortable work outfits or putting on a small amount of makeup can help keep you feeling motivated and energized for the day. This is difficult when the situations that surround us are challenging.

Photo by Ivan Samkov via Pexels

Wearing different outfits can also help you draw lines between your work and personal life. One look means working hours and another shows you that it is okay to relax and finish checking your email.

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Emotion scientist and psychologist Tracy Thomas says that people with creative jobs may experience even more benefits than people with more traditional roles. “Usually the people who struggle the most with emotional problems are also the people who have to get things done. And if you don’t create every day – even if you create yourself with your other wardrobe and path [you] decorate and decorate yourself – you are essentially taking away part of your creative process and that can then lead to sadness and depression, ”she said.

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However, if you want to get dressed for remote work, the benefits will only work if you don’t put pressure on yourself and if getting dressed doesn’t become a stressful activity. It all depends on the person; If you feel better about dressing up and making a little effort, go for it. If you put on sweatpants and a different shirt every day, that’s even better for you: less laundry.

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