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What were the best selling products in 2020?

The past year has been enormous for cannabis, especially with legalization 2.0. Some of the best sellers are the newly infused drinks, especially the CBD drinks like Everie Mango Passion Fruit. At 10 mg per can, this is a tasty way to introduce CBD into your everyday life.

With the release of concentrates, especially rosin and live resins, the highly anticipated San Rafael ’71 OG Chemdog Living Resin was a landmark with its hard-to-beat price and delicious taste, texture and consistency.

Personally, I loved the 7ACRES Craft Collective line which was released for a limited time. The Pink Kush and Ice Cream Cake stole the show when they arrived. With dense, trichome-covered buds and delicious terpene profiles, they have prompted many customers to branch out and try the craft for the first time, and then keep buying and indulging in artisanal cannabis.

Which products typically see an increase in demand at the beginning of the year?

The product most in demand after the holidays are the CBD-dominant products like the teas and newly released bath bombs from Eve and Co, which help encourage self-care after the holiday frenzy.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

Educating and educating consumers and budget tenders about cannabis and all the wonderful products made from the cannabis plant is the most exciting part of my job. Most consumers don’t know much about the plant itself or the techniques used to finish the flower itself. It’s fun to learn about the industry, just like teaching people about the industry.

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