First members appointed to Nevada Hashish Advisory Fee – MJNews Community

NEVADA: Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced the appointment of eight members to the Cannabis Advisory Commission (CAC). The 12-person commission was established by AB 533 and examines issues related to cannabis and makes recommendations to the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB).


  • Benjamin Chew, District Manager, DB Labs
  • James Hammer, General Manager, Wallflower Cannabis House
  • A’Esha Goins, Founder of the Cannabis Equity and Inclusion Community (CEIC) in Nevada
  • Jillian Nelson, Vice President of Operations at Evergreen Organix
  • Michael Nikhman, Co-owner, Nevada Group Wellness
  • Kema Ogden, co-owner, first class health center
  • Dr. Jennifer Pearson, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno
  • Daniel Stewart, Lawyer, Hutchison & Steffen

The CAC consists of 12 members, eight of whom are appointed by the governor. Members are appointed based on their knowledge, skills and experience within or outside of the cannabis industry. Together, the nominees represent experts in cannabis cultivation, retail, laboratory science, and manufacturing, as well as legal, medical, and public health experts, and advocates of the medicinal use of cannabis and criminal justice reform.

In addition to the eight appointed governors, the CAC includes the Attorney General of Nevada, the Director of the Department of Public Security of Nevada (DPS), the Executive Director of the Department of Taxation (DoT), and the Executive Director of the CCB, who serves as the Chairman of the CAC.

The nominees have a two-year term and can be reappointed.

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