four methods to ease a marijuana hangover

Has anyone ever given you something to eat after a long week at work with a vague promise like, “Come on man, this should make your weekend a little better”. At first you were probably excited when everyone got out. That’s until the next morning when you couldn’t pull yourself out of bed because deep down you were still feeling a little messed up.

This is known as a weed hangover, and while it’s not as debilitating as a hangover caused by excessive alcohol consumption, it can still be difficult to function in the morning.

ON Marijuana hangover can cause tiredness, irritability, and drowsiness, which can affect the day’s productivity. To put everyone on the right foot the next time you’re offered some weed, there are four ways to break free from the funk of a cannabis hangover and get back to your regular life.

Sleep if you can

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It may be best for everyone involved if you stay in bed just a few hours longer than usual. As with any hangover situation, the more rest, the better when it comes to the recovery process. If it’s Monday we are talking about, when we go to work and still feel the effects of that edible weekend, it really just ensures that coffee is spilled on you or someone else (or your laptop!) And enough mistakes are made for the higher to take note. Do everyone a favor and just clock in after your head clears.

Don’t skip breakfast

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Eating a high protein breakfast is a solid first step. This will let your body know that party time is over and, like it or not, it’s grinding time again. Some experts say that caffeinated drinks should be avoided during these times as they have been known to worsen weed hangover symptoms. Others believe that caffeine helps the recovery process and that not consuming caffeine only poses a threat to public safety.

Drink plenty of water

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Without a doubt, the key to survival is staying hydrated. Instead of drinking coffee or other energy drinks all morning, it might be to your advantage to have a couple (or three) bottles of water before noon. Don’t deprive yourself of the caffeine you need to function like a human; give the body plenty of water as well. While there’s no evidence that marijuana causes dehydration, water does appear to shorten the lifespan of hangovers.

Exercise your body

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If you’re one of those people who usually jump out of bed and run a few miles to go to work, you’re already ahead of the game. Exercise is one of the best defense mechanisms against a marijuana hangover. But even if exercising isn’t your thing, a simple walk around the block after breakfast can get the blood flowing enough to shut off the lingering effects of this edible. If you’ve been sitting in front of a laptop all day, we strongly recommend getting your body moving to make it feel better faster.

The bottom line is that marijuana hangovers don’t last long. It’s the type of business that people can expect to feel normal within a few hours. Maybe next time you want to think about cutting the edible in half! That or take it before you go to church. We promise that brunch with the in-laws will be a lot more fun!

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