Germany needs to decriminalize the minimal possession of weed and import Jamaican bud

From Franca Quarneti via El Planteo.

The federal government advocates decriminalizing the possession of up to six grams of cannabis nationwide.

According to Heraldo, Daniela Ludwig, the government’s drug commissioner, spoke out in favor of minimum ownership being no longer a crime. Instead, it would be an administrative offense.

Photo by Stefan Widua via Unsplash

While minimal possession is no longer a criminal offense in some German federal states, the authorities are now trying to implement a nationwide plan to standardize the criteria.

Ludwig also argued that possession of six grams can be justified and that “marijuana is not as dangerous a drug as cocaine or heroin”.

But he also said: “You have to be careful where you draw the line, because such a policy sends out signals and influences consumer behavior.”

Jamaican cannabis will be available in pharmacies in Germany

On the other hand, Cannim, one of Jamaica’s most important producers, will arrive in pharmacies in Germany.

Although Jamaican flowers are known around the world, they are rarely found outside of the country’s borders.

How are you going to do it? You will be working with Cantourage, a Germany based company. The company will be responsible for the import, manufacture and distribution of the pharmaceutical products in the European country.

The Jamaican flower line is called Lumir, after Lumír Ondřej Hanuš, an analytical chemist from the Czech Republic whose expertise in cannabis research began almost 50 years ago.

In an interview with the High Times, Stuart Marsh, Commercial Director of Cannim said: “Germany is an exciting opportunity for Cannim. Our ability to grow high quality medical grade Jamaican cannabis that meets the strict standards of the German Pharmacopoeia is a recognition of the experience and expertise of our team in Jamaica. “

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