Girl laid off from her hospital job makes use of unemployment advantages to open a cannabis-friendly health club

Christian Stark of Pryor, Okla., Released from her job at the hospital, knew exactly what she would do with her employment benefits: open a weed-friendly gym that welcomes patients and works to eradicate stigma in the facility.

The owner of Mission Purpose Fitness at nearby Broken Arrow – a young college graduate – sees the gym’s goals as very much in line with her health care work over the past twelve years. “This is a different kind of help,” Stark, a certified trainer, told FOX23 last week.

“We’re here to help our clients lose weight, get in shape, and build muscle for healthier, happier lives,” the gym’s Facebook website said.

In an excited Facebook post earlier, Stark encouraged people to show their support for the gym, which had a gentle opening in June and January 16. “I really need those of you who are up close, on-site and want to exercise, and take medication, come to class because it’s going to be great,” she said.

“Support small businesses, cannabis companies, and show the world that we are productive citizens in our communities. Just because we use cannabis doesn’t mean we’re lazy. This means that we can function fully, completely, and healthily, ”added Stark.

A member of the gym must sign a disclaimer stating that they have a medical marijuana card and that they understand not to over-medicate, reports FOX23. Heavily monitors members who choose medication and teaches them how to best exercise safely.

And normalizing cannabis through education is a step towards marginalizing the stigma associated with it, Stark suggests. In addition to informing all participants about cannabis – all fitness levels are welcome – the gym offers information on nutrition, private personal training, group fitness and yoga.

Oklahoma has a medical marijuana program, but recreational cannabis is still illegal. According to Phillips & Associates, although weed is a List I drug, “it is treated as a minor drug for law enforcement purposes. The first offense treats marijuana or a List III, IV, or V drug as an offense punishable by up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $ 1,000. However, second and subsequent offenses are prosecuted as offenses. ”

The TVAPE survey of 400 customers last year found that more than half (nearly 54 percent) of those polled said they used more cannabis since COVID-19 raised its ugly head. More than 41 percent of people used roughly the same amount of cannabis and only 4.7 percent used less.

A Harvard Medical School blog said about exercise and its ability to provide relief during times of stress: “Regular aerobic exercise brings remarkable changes to your body, metabolism, heart, and mind. It has the unique ability to inspire and relax, provide stimulation and calm, counter depression, and relieve stress. ”

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