Governor Inslee appoints David Postman as chairman of the Washington State Liquor and Hashish Board – MJNews Community

WASHINGTON: The Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) announced today that Governor Jay Inslee has named David Postman as chairman of the LCB Board.

Prior to his appointment, Mr. Postman served as Governor Inslee’s Chief of Staff from December 2015 to November 15, 2020. Since the governor took office in 2013, he has worked in the Inslee administration, initially as managing director. Prior to joining the administration, Postman was a senior director at Vulcan Inc., the company led by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Mr. Postman has a 26-year career as an award-winning journalist in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, including 14 years as a political reporter for the Seattle Times.

“David has extensive experience bringing people together to solve complex and difficult problems,” said Governor Jay Inslee. “He is able to hear different points of view and to synthesize feedback in order to arrive at the resolution. He advocates transparency and openness and knows the state government well. I know David will be an excellent addition to the LCB Board of Directors and I am so glad that he will continue to serve the people of Washington. “

The board consists of three members who are appointed by the governor for a six-year term. The Board of Directors holds regular public and working meetings with stakeholders, makes policy and budget decisions, and decides on controversial license applications and enforcement actions for licensees. The board members also hired the agency’s director, Rick Garza, to manage day-to-day operations. The agency has licensing, enforcement, tax collection and / or regulatory functions in relation to alcohol, cannabis, vape and tobacco. It has a workforce of around 350 employees.

“David was part of the LCB’s effort to get Washington’s pioneering regulated cannabis system off the ground,” said Garza. “He helped the US Department of Justice demonstrate that Washington State can safely implement a safe and orderly system. Ultimately, the Justice Department issued the Cole Memo, which set out the federal government’s concerns for the future. “

Mr. Postman succeeds former CEO Jane Rushford, whose term expired in February 2021.

“Jane was the perfect specialist. I thank her for her service to the Board of Directors, its employees and for all of her contributions, ”said Postman. “I look forward to continuing the efforts begun during her tenure, particularly the Board’s efforts to increase diversity and equity within the state-regulated cannabis system.”

Mr. Postman will begin his six-year term on March 15, 2021. He will join current directors Ollie Garrett and Russ Hauge.

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