Governor publicizes intention to delay implementation of voter-initiated legislation on entry to medical marijuana

Measure 26 would legalize medical marijuana in South Dakota

Although South Dakota residents voted to implement Measure 26 on Election Day, a state-wide legalization of medical marijuana, South Dakota government agencies have announced a year-long delay in implementing the measure nationwide.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Republican Governor Kirsti Noem said that keeping her promise to legalize cannabis in the state will take until July 1, 2022 to be fully implemented.

The original initiative called for medical marijuana to be legalized by July 1, 2021. Since the announcement of the delay, the Republican government of South Dakota has been screened for failure to meet the original schedule.

“The guideline is detailed and based on best practices from other countries,” a spokesman for Campagin for Measure 26 responded to the announcement. “The legislature does not have to change measure 26. We wrote a full policy. All they have to do is respect the will of the people and allow the state to run a medical marijuana patient qualification program. “

The state democrats are also not satisfied with the governor’s announcement. “The fact that they keep pulling their feet [the implementation of Measure 26] is really frustrating, ”said Jamie Smith, Democratic leader of the State House.

The state of cannabis legalization in South Dakota

Last November, voters in South Dakotan voted for two measures to implement marijuana legalization: Measure 26 above and Amendment A, the purpose of which was to fully legalize adult cannabis use nationwide. The passage of Measure 26 and Amendment A could create a unique situation in the legalization of marijuana in the US, as South Dakota would be the first state in the union to legalize both medical and adult marijuana at the same time.

The incumbent governor Noem campaigned against these two initiatives. Despite their best efforts, both were passed with enough votes. Since his death, Governor Noem has worked with Cannabis Public Policy Consulting to implement these initiatives.

In the past week, both initiatives were pushed back. On Monday, however, a district court in South Dakotan ruled to annul Amendment A and referred to the amendment’s violation of the state’s “Single Subject Rule”.

Despite the best efforts of the Republican establishment to restrict cannabis legalization in the state, proponents of Amendment A plan to appeal the ruling to the state’s Supreme Court.

For measure 26, the decision to delay could be final.

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