Greater than 70% of New Jersey cities bans the sale of marijuana by adults

The number of New Jersey communities that are leaving the legal marijuana industry has increased dramatically in recent weeks, reaching nearly three-quarters of the state’s communities.

According to the USA Today Network, about 71% of New Jersey cities – about 400 – have approved local ordinances banning adult marijuana use.

That’s a significant jump from a few weeks ago when it was expected that about half of New Jersey’s communities would ban the industry.

In contrast, according to USA Today Network analysis, only 98 communities have passed laws allowing cannabis dealers, breeders, manufacturers, and other types of businesses to use adult cannabis. Most of these are in southern and central New Jersey.

Another 41 cities have regulations banning the trade in cannabis but allowing other types of marijuana businesses, such as dealers or breeders.

And another 10 forego the recreational side of the cannabis industry, but still allow medical marijuana surgeries.

Edmund DeVeaux, president of the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association, told USA Today Network that a similar trend had occurred in states that had previously introduced recreational marijuana, including California and Colorado, but over time, many communities reversed course and decided to use adult establishments.

All New Jersey communities faced a tough period on August 21 to get out of the industry before a five-year moratorium on such bans went into effect.

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