Greatest presents for weed people who smoke

Dream of a “green” January

Given the last year, it’s no wonder products are out convenient foods are flying off shelves this festive season as we all have prepared for Christmas like no other.

2020 was not without a stressful year, and it is not surprising that those who use marijuana occasionally feel they deserve the right to relax this winter.

However, the hazy world of weed gifts and paraphernalia can be tricky to navigate for those who don’t have the proper expertise. Fortunately, we’ve put together all of the information you need to find the perfect ganja gifts this year.

THC-infused medical honey

The world of weed products has grown exponentially in recent years.

While many would (probably) never have dreamed of giving their grandparents or parents a weed-infused gift for Christmas, we are on a completely different playing field these days.

THC medicinal honey is the perfect herbal gift for anyone who knows the kitchen.

It can be used in all types of baking and cooking recipes, from biscuits to stir-fries, and can also be infused in hot beverages like tea, coffee or hot chocolate – great for cold winter nights.

Each teaspoon of this infused honey contains roughly 8 mg of THC, making it ideal for casual and infrequent users who want to add a little extra pizzazz to their Christmas celebrations.

Pre-rolled connections

When looking for the perfect stocking filler for a weed lover, pre-rolled joints are always a guaranteed hit.

They can also make excellent gifts for friends or relatives who may not be gifted joint rollers themselves, or for anyone who only smokes occasionally (e.g. Christmas and New Years).

Typically, the amount of weed and the strength of each joint will vary depending on the loads used and the sizes of the joint.

Many pre-rolled joint sets can have THC levels as high as 25%, which will temper even the most seasoned tokers.


If you’re not interested in buying your Bud for Christmas, there are still plenty of thoughtful weed-related gifts out there that will add further lift to your festive mood.

Rolling can be a messy business for even the most avid smokers. Having a tray on hand minimizes the risk of losing valuable weeds while rolling. Also, you can keep papers, lighters, and other such things in one place.

Rolling trays come in all sorts of designs, colors, and patterns – which means the perfect gift for your friend or loved one is definitely out there. All you have to do is look.

Some of the more specialized roller trays have all kinds of built-in compartments, stands and holders to keep everything as organized and streamlined as possible.

Designer bongs

Bongs are another surefire thing when it comes to Christmas gifts for any weed lover.

Going for something special or handcrafted like a ceramic bong can really help you stand out from other smoking devices that a person may own.

Ceramic bongs are often handcrafted with expert care and design consideration, resulting in both a beautifully decorated object and a superior smoking experience.

However, for those on a bigger budget this year, there are literally myriad types of bongs available online at reasonable prices.

High hopes for Christmas

When it comes to buying gifts for weed smokers, there is no end to the choice.

But no matter how deep the rabbit hole may be, remember that anything you buy – be it a bong or a bar of chocolate – will bring a smile to your face and add a bit of festive cheer this Christmas.

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