Hashish CEOs work hand in hand with Reddits R / Wallstreetbets

#MSOgang recently set trends on social media platforms in response to Reddit’s r / wallstreetbets. Recently, the subreddit took the world by storm by a Number of different stocks– especially GameStop (GME).

Before we dive in, it’s important to understand the culture behind this online forum: r / wallstreetbets has become a hub for individuals They want to gamble on the stock market with large sums of money – usually with all of their savings. In return, they post their results, memes, and discussions across the stock market.

While cannabis stocks have not been badly hit by the recent frenzy, they have been hit. r / wallstreetbets tends to Summarize all cannabis companies together into one category and this in turn creates an unclear picture of the critical differences between cannabis stocks. This is the reason for #MSOgang– to distinguish US multistate operators (MSOs) from their Canadian counterparts.

According to Todd Harrison, chief investment officer of CB1 Capital, this hashtag is a source of concern among investors small and large. Small investors – especially those hailing from R / Wallstreetbets – have flooded cannabis stocks, while large investors have withheld their investments as the industry remains largely unregulated and has no promises of federal legalization.

The idea behind the hashtag is to educate investors about the potential of cannabis. Given the attention Reddit recently paid to the entire stock market, pinpointing the differences between the US and Canadian markets is vital for cannabis CEOs.

So while #MSOgang and r / wallstreetbets work hand in hand, there is a lot of misinformation spreading the cannabis inventory. And beings like Reddit tends to entice newbies to say that this misinformation can be dangerous.

However, cannabis seems to be one of the few ways the “little guy” in America has left to stay ahead. With big investors too busy waiting for a safety net, small investors jump into cannabis stocks with whatever they have. And if the cannabis industry goes in the direction it is headed, chances are it will aim high.

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