Hashish Concentrates: How To Select The Proper Tools

Concentrates are perhaps the hardest form of cannabis you can come across. They are highly effective, and the techniques of consuming them are also complicated, whether you smoke, vape, or dab. However, using the right equipment can make things a lot easier for beginners, and you will get better with practice and experience. The choice of equipment depends on several factors that you need to consider in your decision. Here are some helpful tips to follow in choosing the right gear to use with concentrates.

Size and convenience

You should choose your concentrate equipment based on your skill level. For beginners, the simplest is the best as it is easy to manage and use. Dealing with potency and managing dosages for cannabis concentrates can be difficult enough for you, so you’ll need equipment that is easy to use. Size also matters as larger parts can be difficult to use. Fortunately, there is a wide range of bongs and bubblers to choose from, from large table pieces to small handpieces.

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Type of consumption

The next factor to consider is the type of consumption and form of the concentrate. When it comes to types of concentrates, there are many, from wax to sliver, resin, rosin, oil, hashish, and more. Consumption methods also vary based on your preferences, and the devices you use will vary accordingly.

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For beginners looking to learn how to smoke resin, a bowl is a great place to start. You can switch to a bong or bubbler while learning the ropes. You will also need a vaporizer for vaporizing a concentrate and a swab device for dabbing.

Smoke quality

The quality of the smoke makes all the difference when it comes to experience, for both novice and experienced users. You want cooler, smoother smoke that will get you high without irritating your throat or lungs. A bong with an ice trap is a good option as it will help cool the smoke down before you inhale it. When you’re more experienced, you can work with a nail and rig to control the temperature for an optimal hit. Lower temperatures provide a smoother vapor, while higher temperatures make it harder to hit.


If you’re spending good money on smoking or dabbing equipment, you want it to last. That is why durability is another important factor for beginners. Look for equipment made from good quality material, even if you have to spend a little more. You need to be extra careful with glass equipment as there is a risk of dropping the bong if you are not very experienced with it. Always consult a reputable seller, because they go one step further with quality and durability.

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These factors make it easy to choose the right equipment when you’re just starting out with concentrates. It’s best to start with the basics. Gradually, you can move on to more complex devices if you want to take your experience to the next level.

This article originally appeared in the Green Market Report and was republished with permission.

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