Hashish customers train much more than you suppose

One of the most common stereotypes that has spread across the cannabis scene over the past few decades is that people who use marijuana are lazy, jobless, waste of space. However, according to the latest data from market research company BDS Analytics, this is not the case for the majority. Indeed, it is safe to say that the average cannabis user – at least in relation to the modern user in the newly legal climate – is more active and productive than anyone else in everyday life.

BDS researchers found that 43% of cannabis users engage in outdoor activities several times a week. According to the data, this is significantly higher than for non-cannabis users. Only 25% of this group admitted having had their back tears cleared long enough to engage in activities outside the home.

Another interesting aspect of the study is that cannabis users are more concerned about their general health and well-being. The researchers found that around 40% regularly visit a gym, which was about 10 points more than non-users. This should come as no surprise. It’s like legendary stoner icon Tommy Chong once said (we paraphrase, of course), “You have to be in shape to do drugs, man.”

This pursuit of health and wellbeing is a major trend in the United States today. A recent analysis by Rabobank found that cannabis is becoming increasingly popular for this reason, as it is a gluten-free, calorie-free substitute for alcoholic beverages.

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While the cannabis community is more conscious of their physical fitness these days, people who have traditionally used alcohol to spark their excitement are experimenting more with marijuana to avoid adding on unwanted pounds. The consensus is that as long as the cannabis industry markets products that do not force users to “smoke”, more alcohol users are turning their glasses off for weeds.

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But the cannabis community doesn’t just smoke weed and play outdoors – this section of the population makes up a large portion of the workforce. The BDS data shows that 53% of marijuana users have a full-time job. And not the typical low-wage jobs that only stoners can get because they can’t pass a drug test either. According to the report, the average annual income of cannabis users is around $ 70,000 per year.

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“Things are changing so quickly when it comes to cannabis,” Linda Gilbert, director of consumer insights at BDS Analytics, told Forbes. “We are already seeing big changes in such a short time. Some of this has to do with changes in legalization, what is happening in distribution and retail systems, and brands. But it is clear that open conversations about cannabis are happening now more than ever and affect everything from attitudes to opinions and consumption. “

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