Hashish firms flip their consideration to my vagina. And I could not be happier

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Do I really want to purr during sex? I am not a cat

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Rebecca Eckler • • Mom 4/20

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March 12, 2020 • • March 12, 2020 • • Read for 4 minutes I never thought I'd click on a link that did I never would have thought that I would click on a link that said “YES MORE LUBRICANT!” Screams. However, the website states, “Everyone needs more lubricant.” I think we actually need more hand sanitizer, but I digress. Photo by Getty Images

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It’s been years since my vagina received this much attention. Aside from that, when I was pregnant and giving birth, never have so many random people and now businesses been so concerned and seemed to be invested in my vagina.

Last week, I had the best conversation about my vagina with Tessa, an online Avatar customer service rep website for a company called Foria. Before Tessa – I have a feeling we’ve certainly been using first names ever since we talked about my vagina – went online, a huge popup appeared from the website offering a small tube of lubricant with another purchase.

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I never would have thought that I would click on a link that said “YES MORE LUBRICANT!” Screams. However, the website states, “Everyone needs more lubricant.” I think we actually need more hand sanitizer, but I digress.

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Of course, I asked my new virtual friend, Tessa, how the suppositories work, more out of curiosity than anything else (I promise!) Because apparently they are “a powerfully focused way of experiencing relief and excitement. There are endocannabinoid receptors in the genitals and uterus that make suppositories an effective treatment for pain and inflammation … and possibly strengthen orgasms. ”

That was the basis of my conversation with Tessa. I had fun like playing around with a spammer from Sweden telling you that not only is there an arrest warrant against you, but that you have won a cruise too.

Tessa: How can I help you?

Me: How exactly do you use these suppositories for period cramps and during your period?

Tessa: The suppositories are used lying down (we recommend about 15 minutes) during times of cramps.

Me: Are they like pills / capsules or like a tampon?

Tessa: They consist of cocoa butter and CBD, but are used in a similar way to a tampon. The cocoa butter is solidified – they are much smaller than tampons, but the body accepts them in the same way.

Of course I had to ask …

Me: Have you tried them

Tessa: Yes! Our entire team tries out our products. You changed us all.

(So ​​there is at least one woman named Tessa out there who used a CBD-infused suppository and is now having intense orgasms.) You, go, Tessa!

Me: Perfect! Do you suggest using them a few days before my period?

I asked her because when I’m on my period my boyfriend might say to me, “You look beautiful” to which I would reply, “Why are you criticizing me?”

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Tessa: Yes, if you feel unwell or have cramps.

I wanted to move on with Tessa, but unfortunately I felt like I knew more about her than some of my friends.

Then I clicked “Make peace with your 2020 period” because I really want to make peace. My mood swings that led to my periods could whiplash anyone. Every month I ask the universe about two things; “Why can’t I be a man?” And: “Why does my uterus want revenge!” (Pro tip: don’t tell a woman to shake her off when she has cramps, and never ask a woman if she’s getting her period. That question never comes out good.)

Then, at a recent dinner party hosted by a well-known chef who includes CBD and THC in his dishes, I was given a bucket bag, the adult version of a booty bag. The most interesting product was again for my vagina, this time from a Canadian company called bast.

The company’s branded product is a lubricant that was developed by three women who “love intense orgasms,“And is” specially formulated to enhance your experience … enhance the physical (and sometimes emotional) feelings that come with sex. “They also offer” hemp seed oil “where the smell” gets you in the mood (because) your partner definitely makes your engine purr “.

Do I really want to purr during sex? I am not a cat.

But what caught my eye again were her vaginal suppositories. I hadn’t used it before. According to promotional material, Bast’s Infused Silk Lubricant works best “if you give it time to activate … 30 to 60 minutes before the game starts.”

Of course I tried at home.

Sex was great. I’m not sure whether the lubricant played a role or not. What would happen if I used a CBD infused lubricant plus hemp oils and a cannabis infused suppository and took a couple of joints at the same time? Would that combination lead to a breathtaking volcanic orgasm?

Maybe I should ask my Avatar friend Tessa.

Anyway, on behalf of my vagina, thank you very much for all your attention!

Rebecca Eckler is the editor-in-chief of SavvyMom approx

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