Hashish for Psychological Well being at Work: These organizations are leaders in Canada

According to the Canadian Mental Health Commission (CMHC), the economic burden of mental health problems in the workplace is a staggering $ 51 billion a yearwith 40% due to lost productivity. In relation to this relationship between mental and physical health, chronic pain is much more likely to lead to mood disorders.

A 2017 Canadian survey of tobacco, alcohol and drugs by the CMHC found that 37% of cannabis users said it was for medical reasons. However, prejudice persists and many employers and workers believe that all forms of cannabis use impair a person’s ability to function in the workplace.

Fortunately, an abundance of recent cannabis research from companies like CanaQuest Medical Corp (OTC: CANQF) has resulted in the development of many wellness products and nutraceuticals that use cannabis, hemp, and herbal compounds to treat a variety of mental and physical ailments, without intoxicating effects.

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