Hashish gross sales growth in Oregon City, simply throughout the Idaho border

Nobody is surprised at the boom in cannabis sales in a small town in Oregon, just over the Idaho border.

Residents in eastern Oregon have seen all of this before. In the city of Huntington, about 30 miles northwest of Ontario, Oregon and 30 minutes farther from Boise, the city approved the opening of pharmacies and was inundated with deep pockets of cannabis tourists from Idaho. Politico reported in an investigation. Huntington was suddenly receiving $ 100,000 in tax revenue from a single pharmacy – half the city government’s annual budget.

A small town called Ontario takes notes of Huntington’s success and follows the same path. Adam Brown, Ontario City Manager, estimates Idahoers make about 1,600 unique trips to Ontario each day to shop – or cannabis – tax-free.

The hopes are already very high. Brandon St. Germain applied for a coveted cannabis license in the small, conservative town and brought ammunition and armed guards with him. “We’re talking about ex-military veterans,” said St. Germain told Politico. “You’re standing there with M-16. They have bulletproof vests on; They have guns on their hips. “

The reason for the excessive guns and artillery is the sheer amount of money that they believe can be made in the cannabis industry. Local residents have seen cannabis sales soar in parts of Oregon, including border towns frequented by people living in states where cannabis is illegal. “We’re talking millions of dollars in revenue to stand in line at this point,” said St. Germain.

So far, nine cannabis dispensaries have opened in Ontario. It is estimated that the city will have annual sales of $ 120 million to $ 130 million if the area’s cannabis industry is fully operational.

The situation is roughly the same in border towns with medicinal cannabis, but not recreational cannabis. In Utah, instead of dealing with the state’s restrictive medical cannabis system, Local residents just drive a little over an hour to West Wendover, just over the border in Nevada to buy cannabis. In most cases, it is illegal to carry cannabis across state lines.

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