Hashish Profession Watch | New hires and promotions April 2, 2021

Gary Allen took on the role of chief executive officer at a data and analytics company New limit dates. Former CEO Giadha A. DeCarcer will move to the company’s CEO.

“Cannabis is rapidly evolving into a vertical retail market similar to mainstream consumer markets. With this evolution, intelligence and tech-enabled solutions are becoming a central theme for quickly assessing and understanding market dynamics, making informed business decisions, and then taking action, “Allen said.” By working with the incredible team that built Giadha has, and their vision of conveying a mature, unbiased and high-tech based understanding of an unrecognized market, I am pleased and honored to take on the role of CEO and implement our product strategy and bring B2B data solutions to the next Generation into the cannabis industry. “

HVACD product and service provider InSpire Transpiration Solutions employed technical sales representative Not so with Peterson. He brings a background in academic education and more than a decade of industry experience to the company.

“Members of the InSpire team are deeply passionate and highly skilled individuals who strive to make an impact on this fast-paced, dynamic industry,” he said Adrian Giovenco, Managing Director of InSpire Transpiration Solutions. “Anders’ ability to delve deeply into the latest cannabis science and solve unique problems makes him a great addition to our team. We look forward to his continued role in creating value for our customers who compete in an ever-evolving market. “

After the resignation of the CFO on April 15, 2021 Monty Lamirato, Jeffrey Lasher will take on the role of CFO in the chain of hydroponic and organic garden centers GrowGeneration. Lasher previously served as CFO at West Marine, Crocs, the International Car Wash Group, Inc., and Coravin, Inc.

“As GrowGen continues to grow its $ 1.0 billion business, Jeff brings the experience of a CFO who has run multi-billion dollar companies,” said GrowGen’s chief executive officer Darren Lampert. “In addition, Jeff is an experienced market leader with many years of experience in multi-store and omnichannel operations that fits perfectly into the GrowGen business model.”

“The GrowGen family would like to thank Monty for his service, dedication and hard work during his tenure,” added Lampert. “Monty has been instrumental in growing GrowGen and the entire GrowGen team wishes him all the best for his retirement.”

Clear Cannabis, Inc., a national cannabis brand company and licensor of The Clear, was promoted to Vice President of Sales Seth Wiggins on the role of the president. Wiggins, who joined the company in 2017, will oversee the integration of CCI’s sales and operations areas.

“If Clear Cannabis were a car, Seth would be the engine,” said CCI Chief Executive Officer Tom Brooksher. “He has been an important part of our management team since the company was founded.

“We believe Seth is the best sales director in the cannabis industry, particularly with his extensive operational experience and extremely successful implementation of CCI’s strategic initiatives,” added Brooksher. “Seth’s promotion to president completes a very strong leadership team, including the chairman Rich Batenburg Jr., CFO Alan Fineand Chief Investment Officer Rick Batenburg III. ”

Changes and additions to the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board:

Cannabinoid ingredient manufacturer In my opinion welcomed the Co-Founder and Former President of MedReleaf Corp. Eitan Popper as an investor and strategic advisor. Popper is currently the Chairman of the Advisory Board of BioHarvest Sciences.

US Cannabis Council, one of the largest coalitions of cannabis companies, associations and advocacy organizations, appointed 48 members to the first board of directors. Vicente Sederberg LLPs Christian Sederberg will serve as chairman of the board.

Grapefruit USA, a California-based manufacturer and distributor Sharon Boddie to his board of directors. Boddie is currently the media director at Amazon Studios and Prime Video.

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