Hashish Regulation Replace: Hawaii Legalization, NJ Nonetheless in query, South Dakota AG won’t defend grownup use

by Nina Zdinjak

The Hawaii Senate says yes to legalizing cannabis

The Hawaii Senate Public Safety, Interstate and Military Affairs Committee voted in favor of two cannabis measures on Tuesday. (h / t marijuana moment)

The first bill calls for the legalization of adult cannabis and the other calls for amending the state’s current decimalization law.

The Aloha state decriminalized possession of up to three grams of cannabis in 2019 under a law that came into force in 2020.

The law also replaced criminal penalties with a fine of $ 130.

The new bill SB 758 provides for the decriminalization of up to 28.5 grams of cannabis. It will now be forwarded to the Justice Committee.

The Legalization Act, SB 767, calls for cannabis legalization and allows licensed companies to grow, manufacture and sell cannabis products. In addition, it is suggested that the adults are allowed to cultivate up to three adult plants for personal consumption.

SB 767 is now waiting for a joint hearing between the Senate judiciary and the Ways and Means committees, after which it should reach the chamber floor.

Cannabis advocates in Hawaii believe there is a great chance that the amending law to decriminalize cannabis will be elected.

The Hawaiian Drug Policy Forum, along with other cannabis supporters, is calling on lawmakers to incorporate social justice requirements.

The state expects another important vote this Friday – on the proposal to legalize magic mushrooms for therapeutic purposes.

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New Jersey’s bill to legalize cannabis is still in question

Despite the vote to legalize cannabis during the November election, New Jersey is still trying to figure out the details of the electoral measure.

Democratic Governor Phil Murphy called for a “purge bill” that would impose higher fines on minors caught with cannabis.

This Tuesday, another compromise was halted that once again challenged the future of cannabis legalization in the Garden State. (h / t NJ.com).

Senator Nicholas Scutari, D-Union, postponed the vote fearing the bill would not have enough support to pass the entire Senate.

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The Senate Judiciary Committee will meet on Wednesday to consider another cannabis-related bill along with a purge bill, Scutari added.

One of the main difficulties is balancing two requests: 1) discouraging those under the age of 21 from using cannabis, and 2) making sure there is no biased policing against them.

Two bills, one that starts the legal cannabis industry and the other that stops arrests, have been on Muprhy’s desk for almost two months.

The problem lies in the nature of the penalties – the Legalization Act provides that minors caught with cannabis should be treated with crimes committed by individuals, while the Decriminalization Act ends all penalties.

The question is whether the bill compromises enough for Murphy. If so, Murphy could “include legalization, decriminalization and juvenile punishment as a package in the law.”

Murphy also has the option to veto by the deadline, and if he does nothing, the bill will become law without his signature.

Several previous attempts to compromise and urge the governor to sign the bill have failed. This could be your last chance.

Another vote in the Assembly and Senate is scheduled for Friday.

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South Dakota AG cancels defense of adult cannabis initiative

Another state facing challenges in legalizing cannabis is South Dakota.

Mount Rushmore State was one of five states that welcomed nominations related to cannabis on November 3rd.

However, the initiative was declared unconstitutional by the judge Christina Klinger.

It was declared unconstitutional for technical reasons – a violation of the individual requirements of the state.

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State governor Kristi Noem was the first to challenge the change and ordered a lawsuit to annul the adult portion of the measure.

Now the South Dakota attorney general’s office is canceling its defense of the marijuana recreational initiative. (h / t Marihuana Business Daily)

While it is the attorney general’s duty to defend the state’s laws, attorney general Jason Ravnsborg said he did his duty by defending the measure in the lower court, the Argus leader in Sioux Falls said.

“It’s hard to understand when he (Ravnsborg) clearly argued that (the initiative) was legitimate,” Matt Schweich, deputy director of the Marijuana Policy Project, which supported the campaign to legalize cannabis in the state, told the point of sale .

The Marijuana Policy Project is partnering with the South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws legalization group to appeal to the state’s Supreme Court.

Schweich remains optimistic about the appeal.

This article originally appeared on Benzinga and was republished with permission.

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